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  1. 16 May, 2019

    barnaclínic+ continues to promote training and research in Nursing at the Hospital Clínic

    Formación e Investigación enfermería

    On 13 May, International Nurses Day was celebrated at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. During the festivities, in addition to recognition for several members of this group, the Fourth barnaclínic+ Prizes were awarded. One again this year, barnaclínic+ is committed to promoting the training and research activity of nursing professionals at the Hospital Clínic. These prizes, consisting of the Sabàtics Scholarships for training abroad and the Research Intensification Permits, are an initiative of the Department of Nursing at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, with funding from barnaclínic+.

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  2. 2 May, 2019

    New barnaclínic+ Aesthetic Medicine department: maximum quality and safety for our patients

    Medicina Estética

    From this May, barnaclínic+ boasts a new Aesthetic Medicine department. Led by Dr Eva Guisantes, our team comprises national and international professionals who are leaders in their respective fields, enabling us to offer the latest non-invasive procedures in Aesthetic Medicine and rejuvenation.

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  3. 28 March, 2019

    The Clinic’s Cardiovascular Surgery performs two heart transplants simultaneously

    Trasplantes cardíacos simultáneos

    The Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona led by Dr Manuel Castellà has, for the first time, performed two heart transplants simultaneously. Although only one of them was planned and two heart transplants had never been performed simultaneously, the result of both surgeries has been “very satisfactory”.

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  4. 27 March, 2019

    EstimTrack has arrived at barnaclínic+, real-time information on the status of the surgical patient

    Estimtrack barnaclínic+

    For the past few weeks, the hospitalization ward of barnaclínic+ has a new real-time information system for relatives of surgical patients. EstimTrack is a tool that aids monitoring and provides information at all times of the surgical process and the condition of the patient being operated on. This information can be consulted from the screens of the Hospitalisation Room or from any mobile device, thanks to the application (Available for Android and iOS).

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  5. 11 March, 2019

    El equipo del Dr. Isam Alobid desarrolla una cirugía que permite la reconstrucción total del tabique nasal

    Por primera vez en la historia, cirujanos e investigadores del Grupo Hospital Clínic, liderados por el Dr. Isam Alobid (Otorrinolaringología), desarrollan una técnica que permite la reconstrucción total del tabique nasal. En el equipo del Dr. Alobid, formado por profesionales de diversas disciplinas, entre ellos: Alfonso Santamaría, Cristóbal Langdon, Mauricio López-Chacón, Arturo CorderoJoaquim Enseñat, Ricardo Carrau y Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen. Después de un año de la primera cirugía realizada con esta técnica, el paciente presenta una recuperación total de la función nasal y una mejora sustancial de la calidad de vida. Leer más…

  6. 9 January, 2019

    New barnaclínic+ genetic study to detect risk of cancer, early diagnosis and prevention

    For the past few days, barnaclínic+ has been offering the possibility of carrying out a genetic study to detect cancer risk. It is an early detection test for the risk of developing some types of cancer and, above all, what is known as hereditary cancer.
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  7. 5 December, 2018

    Five barnaclínic+ professionals among the most influential scientists in the world

    Científicos más influyentes del mundo - most influential scientists in the world

    As it does every year, Clarivate Analytics publishes Highly Cited Researchersthe list of the most influential scientists in the world. And, once again this year, it features leading professionals from the barnaclínic+ medical team. On this occasion, it includes Drs Josep DalmauRamón EstruchFrancesc GrausEduard Tolosa and Eduard Vieta.
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  8. 4 December, 2018

    La Paz and the Hospital Clínic, the public hospitals with the best reputation in Spain for the fifth consecutive year

    According to the 2018 Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS)Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Hospital Universitario La Paz have been selected for the fifth consecutive year as the public hospitals with the best reputation in Spain. In addition to once again securing this high placement in the public hospitals category, it also tops general lists (public and private) for the following specialities: Digestive systemGeneral and digestive surgeryHaematologyNephrologyPulmonology and Urology
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  9. 18 October, 2018

    New Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Unit, diagnosis and multi-disciplinary follow-up

    Unidad de TEAF

    The New barnaclinic+ Paediatric FASD Unit (UneSAF) offers diagnosis and follow-up for children affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Made up of a multidisciplinary team of leading experts, on a national and international level, with over 15 years’ experience in FASD-related treatment, teaching and research. Furthermore, it is the only Unit in the country to specialise in this disease and offer diagnosis and psychological (cognitive-behavioural), speech therapy and educational treatment, among others.

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  10. 21 September, 2018

    The only high-complexity units for liver diseases in Spain

    The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona group has a long tradition in Hepatology. It is not surprising that it was the first centre in Spain to have a specific Department, founded 50 years ago. It was also the first centre in the country to have a Hepatic Disease ICU and a Hepatic Haemodynamics Unit. Both have been refurbished this year, and are still the only high-complexity units in Spain, and one of the few in Europe specifically for liver diseases. Leer más…