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  1. 8 April, 2024

    New minimally invasive surgery to remove benign ear tumours, now also at barnaclínic+

    Advances in medicine are allowing for increasingly more precise and less invasive interventions. In this sense, the use of endoscopy stands out, which takes advantage of the natural openings of the body or small incisions both to examine the interior of the organs and to perform different procedures. The hospital Clínic Barcelona has been the first centre in Spain to use this approach to remove glomus tumours, a type of benign tumour of the middle ear that grows in the temporal bone of the skull, behind the eardrum. From now on, this minimally invasive surgical technique to remove ear tumours is also available at barnaclínic+.

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  2. 4 March, 2022

    The Clinic is a pioneer in Spain in the extraction of tumours from the base of the skull through the eye

    In recent years, surgery has developed enormously to achieve increasingly less invasive interventions. Achieving the same results as traditional open surgeries, these new approaches achieve a faster recovery for patients and minimize the risks of operations, which is why their use is becoming more and more widespread. Now, the Hospital Clínic Group has begun to perform surgeries through the eye to remove tumours from the base of the skull, becoming the first centre in Spain to perform transorbital neuroendoscopic surgery and one of the few in the rest of the world to use it.

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