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  1. 22 December, 2023

    The Clínic Barcelona is the second-best public hospital in Spain for another year

    Clasificación mejor hospital público de España

    As in the previous edition of the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS), a ranking that Merco has been preparing for nine years, the Clínic Barcelona has managed to be the second-best public hospital in Spain. In addition to a general classification, the MRS also presents a classification of 34 specialties, expanding seven more with respect to 2022. The Clínic has headed five of them: Digestive SystemGeneral and Digestive System SurgeryHematologyNephrology and Radiodiagnosis.

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  2. 14 December, 2023

    barnaclínic+ collaborates with the XVI Annual Conference of Nursing Management

    XVI Jornada Enfermera 2023

    On November 30, a new edition of the Annual Nursing Management Conference was held, which has reached its sixteenth edition, consolidating itself as a space for the dissemination and discussion of scientific work carried out by professionals in this field. The event also seeks to create a space for debate on improvements in patient care and healthcare processes, thus helping to strengthen cohesion within the professional community. On this occasion, the event was held in online format, with 730 registered. As part of the celebration, once again this year, the barnaclínic+ Innovative Capsules Awards were presented, awards financed by barnaclínic+ and designed to promote research and innovation in nursing at the Clínic.

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  3. 20 November, 2023

    Three barnaclínic+ professionals chosen as the best doctors in Spain in the ‘Healthcare Reputational Leadership’ awards

    Mejores médicos de España por especialidades

    On November 13, the first edition of the “Healthcare Reputational Leadership” was held in Madrid, awards that recognise the institutions and professionals in the health sector with the best reputation in Spain and that are organized jointly by MERCO and the Observatory of health. Among the best doctors in Spain in their respective specialties this year were three barnaclínic+ professionals: Dr Àlvar Agustí, Dr Antonio Alcaraz and Dr Eduard Gratacós, specialists in Pulmonology, Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, respectively.

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  4. 16 October, 2023

    The thoracic surgery team begins training in uniportal robotic surgery for international professionals

    Cirugía torácica robótica uniportal (URATS)

    From the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, specialised training in robotic surgery using a uniportal technique has been initiated for international professionals. These training sessions, baptized as “immersions” by Dr Ricard Ramos, head of the Clínic’s Thoracic Surgery Service and barnaclínic+ surgeon, aim to share and expand the knowledge and advanced techniques practiced by the professionals of our thoracic surgery team.

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  5. 28 September, 2023

    barnaclínic+ adds skin ultrasound and CO2 laser to its dermatology Service

    Ecografía cutánea y láser de CO2 en dermatología

    The skin, the largest organ of our body, plays a fundamental role in protecting us against external threats, regulating our temperature and transmitting sensory stimuli. Maintaining skin healthy is essential not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure our general well-being. With the firm commitment to providing our patients with the most advanced dermatological care, in this article we present two new services that we have incorporated into barnaclínic+: skin ultrasound and CO2 laser. These are two techniques that not only allow a more precise diagnosis of skin problems, but also offer effective and less invasive treatments for various dermatological conditions. Discover how these tools allow us to offer our patients better medical care and skin care.

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  6. 21 July, 2023

    Study demonstrates the usefulness of deep brain stimulation for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

    Electroestimulación cerebral profunda para trastorno bipolar y esquizofrenia

    An article that has recently been published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, [1] in which various barnaclínic+ professionals have participated, has shown that deep brain stimulation, a surgical procedure that involves the placement of a device called a neurostimulator that sends electrical impulses to specific areas of the brain, it can be a safe and effective alternative for complex cases of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who do not respond to usual therapies.

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  7. 18 July, 2023

    The neurosurgery operating room incorporates new angiography/CT equipment

    The integrated neurosurgery operating room has recently been renovated to continue offering the latest and best technology in intraoperative imaging. In this case, angiography/computed tomography (CT) equipment has been incorporated into the facilities, a new tool that allows for further improvement of both patient safety and the efficiency of interventions and which has been acquired thanks to European Union funds through the Investment Plan in High Technology Equipment (INVEAT). Thanks to this new equipment, the integrated neurosurgery operating room significantly improves its performance and thus increases its quality of care. “With the new angiogram we manage, on the one hand, to improve patient safety during interventions and minimize the risk of complications, and on the other we manage to be more effective. All of this has a direct impact on the patient”, explains Dr Joaquim Enseñat, head of the Neurosurgery Service at Hospital Clínic and neurosurgeon at barnaclínic+.

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  8. 11 July, 2023

    barnaclínic+ among the best private hospitals in Spain

    Mejores hospitales privados de España

    Top Doctors, the leading company in the digital transformation of the health sector and access to the best medical specialists in the country, has for the first time made a selection of the 20 best private hospitals in Spain, in which barnaclínic+ has been recognised as one of the highest quality private medicine centres in the country. By winning this Top Doctors Clinic Awards 2022, barnaclínic+ once again demonstrates its excellence in providing high-quality medical services and its commitment to patient satisfaction.

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  9. 8 June, 2023

    barnaclinic+ incorporates laser ablation for the treatment of brain tumours and epilepsy

    In 2021, the Clínic de Barcelona incorporated laser ablation in the treatment of some patients with brain tumours or epilepsy. This technique is now available at barnaclinic+, thus increasing the portfolio of services the centre offers and facilitating patient access to this technology. “Laser ablation is a minimally invasive technique with very good results that reduces the risk of complications and allows an earlier recovery than conventional surgery” explains Dr Joaquim Enseñat, head of the Neurosurgery Department at Hospital Clínica de Barcelona and barnaclinic+ professional.

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  10. 8 June, 2023

    El Clínic consolidates its leading position in robotic thoracic surgery

    Cirugía Torácica robótica

    The Thoracic Surgery Service of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona continues to consolidate its leading position in the application of different thoracic robotic surgery techniques. With more than 150 robotic surgeries performed last April, the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic confirms its leadership and reference position in this speciality.
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