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  1. 24 May, 2024

    barnaclínic+ puts all its efforts into celebrating the excellence of Clínic nursing

    Enfermería Clínic barnaclínic+

    As every year, the Clínic Barcelona hospital has celebrated a very special day, May 14, International Nurses Day. And as on previous occasions, barnaclínic+ wanted to join in, recognising the important role that these professionals play in healthcare. As usual, barnaclínic+ has financed the institutional event and has provided grants for different nursing research and intensification projects at the Clínic, presented during the celebration. The day took place in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and could also be followed online through the Clínic’s YouTube channel, May 14.

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  2. 20 July, 2022

    Sabàtics, an initiative to help in the training of medical professionals

    Permisos Sabàtics - Formación Hospital Clínic

    Medical training is something that never stops. Continuous innovation and research make it necessary for medical professionals to dedicate part of their time to maintaining and improving their professional competence, to adapt to the new demands and requirements that are generated by the evolution of medicine, the health system and society in general. Precisely thinking of helping in this continuous medical training, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona created grants in the 1980s to carry out this training in centres of excellence abroad, the ‘Sabàtics Permits’. Later, in 2015, barnaclínic+ joined this initiative allowing more training time to be financed.

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