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  1. 15 May, 2024

    Clínic Barcelona is the first Spanish hospital to reach 200 robotic kidney transplants

    Primer hospital en llegar a los 200 cirugías de trasplante renal robótico

    In June 2015, the first robotic kidney transplant was carried out in Spain. That first intervention was carried out at the Clínic hospital in Barcelona and Dr Antonio Alcaraz, head of the Urology and Kidney Transplant service at the Clínic and barnaclínic+ professional, was the one who led the intervention. Now, less than eight years later, the Clínic achieves a new milestone by being the first Spanish hospital to perform 200 of these robotic transplants. A new step forward in a long path that began much earlier, in 1965, when Dr Gil-Vernet performed the first kidney transplant in Spain, also at the Clínic hospital.

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  2. 20 November, 2023

    Three barnaclínic+ professionals chosen as the best doctors in Spain in the ‘Healthcare Reputational Leadership’ awards

    Mejores médicos de España por especialidades

    On November 13, the first edition of the “Healthcare Reputational Leadership” was held in Madrid, awards that recognise the institutions and professionals in the health sector with the best reputation in Spain and that are organized jointly by MERCO and the Observatory of health. Among the best doctors in Spain in their respective specialties this year were three barnaclínic+ professionals: Dr Àlvar Agustí, Dr Antonio Alcaraz and Dr Eduard Gratacós, specialists in Pulmonology, Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, respectively.

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  3. 29 March, 2023

    barnaclinic+ incorporates early diagnosis programmes for prostate and breast cancer

    Diagnóstico precoz del cáncer de próstata y de mama

    Cancer is one of the most common diseases. The great advances in medicine in recent years have made it possible to improve the survival rate of this disease. However, it is still the leading cause of death in the world today. One of the decisive factors for a good prognosis is the stage of development of the tumour. Many cases can be cured if detected early and treated effectively. For this reason, early cancer diagnosis programmes are a very important tool. barnaclinic+ currently has a new Medical Screening unit, which offers early diagnosis programmes for colon and rectal cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and melanoma. This offer is now being extended to include the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, the most common tumour among men, and breast cancer, the most common among women. While the programmes themselves already existed, an updated portfolio of services has been defined. In these new programmes, as in those that already existed, patients will receive care from the best specialists in these areas, who have proven experience and are international benchmarks. Likewise, the most advanced and precise technology is available, which allows the identification of tumour lesions in their earliest stages.

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  4. 29 November, 2022

    The Clínic reaches the milestone of 200 kidney transplants in one year

    Trasplantes renales en un año

    Clínic Barcelona is a reference centre in Catalonia and Spain in terms of kidney transplant. Proof of this is the new record achieved this November when the unit managed to reach 200 kidney transplants in one year. This figure, which represents a unique milestone in Catalonia, has been confirmed by the Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) and has been achieved from the beginning of this year to the present.

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  5. 21 July, 2022

    The Hospital Clínic performs the second uterus transplant in Spain

    Trasplante de útero

    A year and a half after performing the first uterus transplant in Spain, the Hospital Clínic performed this operation again last April. A mother donated her uterus so that her daughter could become pregnant in an intervention led by Dr Francisco Carmona, head of the Hospital Clínic Gynaecology Service and barnaclínic+ gynaecological surgeon, and Dr Antonio Alcaraz, head of the Service of Urology and Kidney Transplantation at Hospital Clínic and urological and transplant surgeon at barnaclínic+.

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  6. 12 July, 2022

    A new surgical technique improves the extraction of kidney stones

    Piedras del riñon o litiasis renal

    Kidney stones are a disease that consist of the formation of calcium or stones in the kidneys or the urinary tracts. When this calcium is small, it’s possible for the patient to extract them naturally. But when they exceed a certain size, it’s suitable to carry out a medical-surgical treatment, as they can get stuck in the urinary tracts during their expulsion, blocking the flow of urine and causing great pain and complications. By betting on innovation, something that characterises the Hospital Clínic Group, the centre has incorporated into its services a novel technique for the treatment of kidney stones. This way, it has become the first hospital in Spain and the south of Europe to use and thereby improve the results of kidney stone extraction with the current Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy or NLP.

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  7. 18 March, 2022

    A pioneering surgical technique in Europe allows reversing male infertility

    Male infertility can be caused by multiple causes, among which there may be physical problems. In some cases, it is possible to solve these problems through surgery. The Urology Department of the Hospital Clínic Group, directed by Dr Antonio Alcaraz, is now a pioneer in Europe in carrying out a new surgical technique that allows for much more accurate procedures in these interventions and thus achieves a better recovery for the patient: the Micro Thesis or microsurgical retrieval of sperm assisted with the Olympus Orbeye exoscope.

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