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  1. 2 April, 2024

    barnaclínic+ expands its portfolio of services in thoracic surgery

    Thoracis surgery is one of the fundamental pillars in the comprehensive care of patients with lung and thoracic conditions. This service at barnaclínic+ is distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach, its commitment to clinical excellence and its ability to offer innovative solutions to patients with a wide range of respiratory diseases and disorders. In line with this commitment, new professionals have recently joined this service, allowing the services offered in this field of medicine to be further expanded.

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  2. 16 October, 2023

    The thoracic surgery team begins training in uniportal robotic surgery for international professionals

    Cirugía torácica robótica uniportal (URATS)

    From the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, specialised training in robotic surgery using a uniportal technique has been initiated for international professionals. These training sessions, baptized as “immersions” by Dr Ricard Ramos, head of the Clínic’s Thoracic Surgery Service and barnaclínic+ surgeon, aim to share and expand the knowledge and advanced techniques practiced by the professionals of our thoracic surgery team.

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  3. 8 June, 2023

    El Clínic consolidates its leading position in robotic thoracic surgery

    Cirugía Torácica robótica

    The Thoracic Surgery Service of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona continues to consolidate its leading position in the application of different thoracic robotic surgery techniques. With more than 150 robotic surgeries performed last April, the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic confirms its leadership and reference position in this speciality.
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