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14 December, 2023

barnaclínic+ collaborates with the XVI Annual Conference of Nursing Management

XVI Jornada Enfermera 2023

On November 30, a new edition of the Annual Nursing Management Conference was held, which has reached its sixteenth edition, consolidating itself as a space for the dissemination and discussion of scientific work carried out by professionals in this field. The event also seeks to create a space for debate on improvements in patient care and healthcare processes, thus helping to strengthen cohesion within the professional community. On this occasion, the event was held in online format, with 730 registered. As part of the celebration, once again this year, the barnaclínic+ Innovative Capsules Awards were presented, awards financed by barnaclínic+ and designed to promote research and innovation in nursing at the Clínic.

Gemma Martínez, Nursing Director of the Clínic Barcelona hospital, opened the day by thanking everyone present for their interest and efforts in helping the Clínic base its care on evidence and research carried out by the professionals themselves.

Dr Carme Hernández, head of Nursing innovation, presented the Barnaclínic+ Innovative Capsules Awards, aimed at all those work groups at the Hospital Clínic that have developed an innovative idea giving value to healthcare practice within the institution and whose financial endowment is provided by barnaclínic+. Nuria Bea, nurse and 1st prize for Innovation in 2021, and Elías Guillén, nurse and 1st prize for Innovative Capsules in 2022, accompanied her as moderators.

Innovative Capsules awards 2023

This year, 39 proposals were submitted to the Innovative Capsules Awards, which were evaluated by the Research and Innovation Commission of the Nursing Directorate, made up of a representative from each institute, centre and area. During the day, attendees voted for their favourite finalist, and the awards ceremony was given by Gemma Martínez and Carles Loran, manager of barnaclínic+.

The first prize of this edition, with a prize of 1.500 euros, went to Carlos Benito, nurse at the Clinical Institute of Neurosciences (ICN), for his project “Progressive implementation of virtual reality in the acute psychiatry unit.” Teresa Marco, an advanced practice nurse (EPA) in headaches at the ICN, won the second prize, of 1.200 euros, thanks to the “Migragile” project. The third prize, worth 1.000 euros, went to Andrea Pitarch, a nurse at the Donor Centre, for her project “Design of a Chatbot for the evaluation of tissue donors.”

In addition to these awards, two second prizes were also awarded. The first of them, of 700 euros, went to Silvia Pérez-Ortega, nurse coordinator of the Cardiovascular Clinical Institute (ICCV), for her project “Cardio respiratory arrest care team at the UCCA.” The second prize, worth 500 euros, went to Marc Pañero, a nurse from the Nursing Directorate, for his project “Continuous glucose monitoring for critically ill patients. A randomised controlled trial in intensive care units.”


After the presentation of the Innovative Capsules Awards, the day continued with the presentation of three doctoral theses from the hospital’s Nursing Management, which were defended in the last year. This table was coordinated by Gemma Gallardo, head of Emergency Services. Dr Isabel Manzanares, EPA in Epilepsy, presented “The role of the advanced practice nurse in epilepsy: Patient empowerment and satisfaction with cures.” Afterwards, Dr Sergi Sánchez, podiatrist, presented “Comparative study of the effectiveness of the inverted V technique and the H technique in the anaesthetic block of the first toe.” And finally, Dr Mercè González, nurse coordinator, presented “Interprofessional collaboration in intensive care units: A mixed approach.”

Those attending the conference were also able to enjoy three round tables, where different research from the Nursing Directorate was shared, with the help of the nursing managers Swagatika Salo of the Clínic Respiratory Institute (ICR), Ana Alicarte, of the Clínic Institute of Medical and Surgical Specialities (ICMEQ) and Nuria Seijas, deputy of the Nursing Directorate, as moderators of the three tables respectively.

All the presentations were very well received, providing positive results for patients from the application of new devices, new technologies, new processes and new interventions. Finally, the conclusions were given by Ana Pérez-Perdomo, a research and teaching support nurse from the Nursing Directorate, who pointed out how interesting it is “to see how in the hospital so many people strive to improve and do new things.”

The closing was given by Dr Adelaida Zabalegui, deputy director of research and teaching of the Nursing Directorate of the Clínic, who highlighted the improvement in the scientific level of all the speakers and thanked the researchers of the Nursing Directorate for their contribution to improving the patient care.

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