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4 November, 2022

barnaclínic+ once again supports the Annual Conference of Nursing Management

Jornada Dirección Enfermera 2022

As usual around these dates, the Nursing Department of the Clínic Barcelona has once again held its Annual Conference for Professionals, which on this occasion reached its fifteenth edition. With a hybrid format, the event had more than 800 participants (in person and via streaming) who were able to learn about the scientific work of management professionals, as well as create an atmosphere for debate among the attendees. Within the framework of this celebration, the Innovative Capsules Awards were presented, whose finalists were presented by Dr Marta Farré, dermatology outpatient nurse. These are awards aimed at all those working groups of the Hospital Clínic that have developed some innovative idea giving value to healthcare practice within the institution and whose financial endowment is provided by barnaclínic+.

Innovative Capsules Awards 2022

In this year’s edition of the Innovative Capsules Awards, a total of 19 proposals were submitted that were evaluated by the Research and Innovation Committee of the Nursing Department, made up of a representative from each institute, centre and area of the Clínic Barcelona group. During the day, attendees were able to vote for their favourite proposal, to finally select five prizes that were delivered by the nursing director, Gemma Martínez, and the manager of barnaclínic+, Carles Loran.

The first prize, endowed with 1,500 euros, went to Elías Guillem, a mental health nurse specialist for his project “Impact of dog-assisted therapy within the operation of the Mental Health children’s day hospital”. The second prize, of 1,200 euros, corresponded to Ana María Díaz, a nurse at the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit, for her project “Mirror therapy in unilateral amputee patients with phantom limb pain: Pilot study”. Gemma Yago, an advanced practice nurse of the Transversal Device of the Diabetes Unit, won the third prize, with an endowment of 1,000 euros, for her project “Continuity of care program aimed at patients in hospitalisation rooms with high cardiovascular risk. Role of the advanced practice nurse in cardiovascular risk”.

In addition to these three prizes, two second prizes were also awarded. The first second prize, endowed with 700 euros, was for the project “Transversal and Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Management of Aortic Valve Stenosis (MITMEVA) in Day Hospital at Home”, by Begoña Ibáñez, advanced practice nurse of the Transversal Device for Hospitalisation at Home. The second runner-up, with a prize of 500 euros, went to Patricia Calderón, coverage management nurse, with the project “New method for estimating bladder volume using ultrasound”.

Premiados Cápsulas Innovadoras - Jornada Enfermería 2022

Gemma Martínez and Carles Loran pose with the winners of the ‘Cápsulas Innovadoras 2022’ awards


Before all this, the day began with a few words from Gemma Martínez, Nursing Director of the Clínic, who wanted to thank all the professionals who work in the hospital for their effort and dedication, without forgetting their commitment to research and innovation as tools for improving clinical practice and patient care. She also valued the Conference program that incorporated research, innovation, close, intelligent, pioneering and sustainable actions, in line with the Clínic’s strategic plan.

The event also hosted the presentation of two doctoral theses from the hospital’s Nursing Department. Dr Cecilia Cuzco, a nurse from the intensive care area of the ICMID del Clínic, presented the “Impact of a nursing intervention focused on the empowerment of the critically ill patient upon discharge from the intensive care unit.” Next, Dr Miguel Ángel Giménez, nursing coordinator for arrhythmias and hemodynamics at the Clínic, presented “Adaptation of a Computerised Prescription System for nurses in the Intensive Care Unit”.

Throughout the day, three round tables were held, where experiences of nursing management from different professional categories were shared: nurses, TCAI, nutritionists, physiotherapists, etc.

The closure was given by Dr Adelaida Zabalegui, deputy director of Nursing Research and Teaching at the Clínic, who highlighted the quality of the papers presented and the high participation in the conference. “We are showing that talent exists. We are part of an institution that cultivates talent and participation, and this makes us feel proud to be part of it”, she concluded.

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