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  1. 5 November, 2015

    barnaclínic+ promotes its services in the International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC) Dubai

    On 7 and 8 October, a fair specialising in medical tourism was held in Dubai International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC). The Turisme de Barcelona management, under the Barcelona Health programme, carried out this first joint international promotion with the Barcelona Medical Agency (BMA).

    The Barcelona delegation, headed by Jordi William Carnes, CEO of Turisme de Barcelona , and Marta Fernández as representative of barnaclínic+, met with the Dubai health authorities during the fair (Dubai Health Authority) to promote Barcelona as a health destination.

    barnaclínic+ took the opportunity to present its services brochure and value proposal to the authorities, as well as to other potential collaborators, insurers, hospitals, medical providers and other intermediaries in the area and countries in the Persian Gulf.

    On analysing the success of this first promotional event in Dubai, Jordi William Carnes said that he sees “a strategic segment which can advance, even more, in tourist deseasonalisation”, in the health sector with the objective of “capturing more valuable touristic activity with more spending power”.


  2. 11 September, 2015

    New operating theatre integrated neurosurgery with intraoperative imaging

    The Hospital Clínic Group  has a new integrated operating theatre for neurosurgery that offers the latest and best technology in intraoperative imaging. This new surgical equipment will allow complex interventions to be carried out with minimally invasive techniques. Leer más…

  3. 19 August, 2015

    The team of Dr. Antonio Alcaraz combines robotic and NOTES surgery to perform a kidney transplant

    trasplante de riñón

    This last July, a team led by Dr. Antonio Alcaraz , head of the Department of Urology at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and specialist of Urology barnaclínic+, has performed two kidney removals through the vagina of the donors, leaving them with no scars, thanks to a technique called transvaginal nephrectomy . Then, they implanted them in recipients using robotic surgery, using the state-of-the-art, Da Vinci Xi robot. Leer más…

  4. 15 July, 2015

    New technology for the operating theatre for hepatic, biliary and pancreatic surgery

    cirugía hepática

    The Hepato-biliopancreatic surgery unit at the Hospital Clínic Group is enjoying using a new endoscopic technology system that gives the surgeon more precision in the operating theatre and a more reliable diagnosis. Leer más…

  5. 13 July, 2015

    bmo+, online second medical opinion: agile, safe and with prestigious specialists

    There are many patients who, when their disease diagnosis and a proposal for treatment by the specialist are confirmed, want a second medical opinion. The objective: this second valuation may offer some more information about their state and confirm or provide alternatives to the treatment.
    Based on this reality, barnaclínic+  and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona have developed barnaclínic + medical opinion (bmo +), a digital platform providing a second medical opinion, which intends to transmit the knowledge of their internationally recognised professionals to those who need it, through this accessible, agile, and safe environment. Leer más…