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2 March, 2022

Visiõnclínic+ is born in order to offer excellent personalised ophthalmological care

visiõnclínic+ - Oftalmología barnaclínic+

Visual health is the key to people’s quality of life. In order to detect possible visual problems in the earliest stages and find the most appropriate treatment for each person, it’s vital to offer the most personalised care possible. Precisely, to focus on the patients, the team of world-renowned ophthalmological professionals at Hospital Clínic Group, led by Dr. Alfredo Adán, was set up by visiõnclínic+. A unique project that features the most advanced technological equipment and modern facilities distributed among the Maternity headquarters and a few new surgeries located in Vía Augusta on the Mi Tres Torres Campus.

We bring the best offer of visual health, adapted to each patient

Offering the best service of maximum personalisation and closeness. This is the objective of visiõnclínic+, whose philosophy is to work for and with the patient in order to improve their visual wellbeing and quality of life. “That’s why we rely on a large group of professionals. They are specialists who are internationally trained, that cover all the subspecialities of ophthalmology and who share the human values that have defined the care at the Hospital Clínic Group from the beginning”, explains Dr. Adán. Furthermore, As he himself underlines, this new project isn’t only based on excellent care: “Other things are also vital such as: teaching, research and innovation, three synonyms of quality. We research in order to treat our patients better. This is what allows us to become a centre of excellence in ophthalmological care”.

Dr. Alfredo Adán“That’s why we rely on a large group of professionals. They are specialists who are internationally trained, that cover all the subspecialities of ophthalmology and who share the human values that have defined the care at the Hospital Clínic Group from the beginning”

Dr. Alfredo Adán

Dr. Alfredo Adán, director of the Ophthalmology Institute at Hospital Clínic, professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Barcelona and director of the Ocular Inflammation Group at the Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS), leads this ambitious project in which he is joined by a team of specialists in different areas, all form the Hospital Clínic: Dr. Marta Pazos, Dr. Jorge Peraza, Dr. Anna Sala, Dr. Josep Torras, Dr. Elena Millá, Dr. Xavier Corretger, Dr. Bernardo Sánchez Dalmau, Dr. Jessica Matas, Dr. Néstor Ventura and Dr. Meilin Chang.



An extensive offer of services to cover all ophthalmological pathologies

At visiõnclínic+ we cover all ophthalmological pathologies, both those that require refractive surgery, as well as different ametropias or ocular defects that cause insufficient focus of the image on the retina – such as myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism – and require specific treatment. We also attend patients that suffer from presbyopia or pathologies related to the cornea, including cornea transplants, the most frequent indication for this endothelial pathology.

On the list of services at the centre we find everything from refractive surgery with laser, cataract surgery with Premium lenses, cornea transplant and aesthetic palpebral surgery, to treatment of the uveitis and other ocular inflammatory diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration associated with age.

“It’s about – explains Dr. Adán – a new service that is born with being able to take care of all the visual health of the patients in mind, so that they can be relaxed knowing that they are in the hands of world-renowned professionals that offer the best care, the safest and most effective treatment, and, most importantly, humane and personalised treatment for each patient”.

The best technology in new facilities

The surgical area at visiõnclínic+, which opened its doors at the end of 2020, is located in the Maternity Headquarters (Sabino Arana street, 1) and features four operating theatres distributed among more than 1,000 m2. Equipped with the latest technology, having, as Dr. Adán explains, “a design made with the ease and comfort of the patients and professionals in mind”. A spacious, light and warm area that will have about 30 surgeries a day.

In these facilities, visiõnclínic+ features the most advanced lasers in ocular health, such as Victus femtosecond lasers and Teneo2 excimer laser for refractive surgery, Argon laser for the back of the eye and YAG for capsulotomy and iridotomy. Additionally, they feature imaging systems of wide field retina, optical coherence tomography with angiography topography with aberrometry, computerised campimetry and speculative microscopy.

With the birth of visiõnclínic+, the new facilities located in the Mi Tres Torres Campus in Via Augusta are opened. New facilities located in a quiet well-communicated area of Barcelona, favour the comfort and modernity required so that visiõnclínic+ can offer totally personalised medicine that will always put the patient in the centre of their activity.



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