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  1. 3 December, 2019

    Shoulder dislocation: What is it and when should it be operated?

    Luxación de hombro de Marc Márquez

    The pilot Marc Márquez recently had to be operated for his recurrent shoulder subluxation. Shoulder dislocation or a dislocated shoulder is what is generally referred to as “the shoulder popped out of its place”. This injury must be treated with caution, and if it becomes recurrent it must be repaired through arthroscopic surgery . Let’s see what this injury consists of, when it is considered recurrent and when it is necessary to operate.
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  2. 4 October, 2019

    A sprained ankle: what is it and why does it sometimes take a long time to heal or end up requiring surgery?

    Esguince de tobillo, sprained ankle

    In professional sport, we see athletes who sprain their ankle and who are up and playing without and problem just a few weeks later. On the other hand, we also see athletes who have to undergo surgery to fix their sprained ankle and are inactive for months. We will look at what a sprain is, why it sometimes takes a long time to heal, why ankle pain persists, what causes the dreaded “poorly healed sprained ankle” and why an operation may be necessary…

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  3. 23 October, 2018

    Messi’s elbow injury: what it could be and why he is not being operated on

    Lesión de codo de Messi

    In light of Lionel Messi’s elbow injury last weekend, a lot of people are asking me about it. According to the official report from the FC. Barcelona Medical Department“Tests carried out on the first-team player, Leo Messi, have confirmed that he has a fracture of the radius bone in his right arm. He will be out of action for approximately three weeks”. Without being in possession of all the information on the case, I will try to explain what Messi’s elbow injury consists of, and in which cases surgery may not be necessary.

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  4. 12 June, 2018

    Choice of treatment for rotator cuff injury

    eleccion tratamiento manguito de los rotadores

    We have talked several times before about rotator cuff injury. We have explained its characteristics and treatment, the injury stages, symptoms, causes and risk factors. In today’s post we will explain the factors that influence treatment choice. Without treatment, rotator cuff injury can lead to permanent stiffness or weakness and progressive degeneration of the shoulder joint. It can even mean not being able to lift the arm in the most advanced stages.

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