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12 June, 2018

Choice of treatment for rotator cuff injury

eleccion tratamiento manguito de los rotadores

We have talked several times before about rotator cuff injury. We have explained its characteristics and treatment, the injury stages, symptoms, causes and risk factors. In today’s post we will explain the factors that influence treatment choice. Without treatment, rotator cuff injury can lead to permanent stiffness or weakness and progressive degeneration of the shoulder joint. It can even mean not being able to lift the arm in the most advanced stages.


In an earlier post on this blog, we talked about treatment options for rotator cuff injury depending on whether or not there is a rupture of the tendon. Whether to opt for more conservative treatment options (physiotherapy) or surgical repair will depend primarily on the presence or absence of such a rupture. In spite of this, there are other influencing factors when choosing the treatment indicated in each case. They are as follows:

When faced with a rotator cuff injury, the sports traumatology specialist must first analyse whether there is a rupture of the tendon, and then all the factors mentioned above. Based on this analysis, they will recommend the best treatment option in each case.

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