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Our group has evaluated more than 6,000 competitive and amateur athletes during the last 6 years, from all nacionalities and etnies. Our partnership with the Catalan Council for Sports (Catalan Government) and FC Barcelona has provided the opportunity to quickly be imbedded in the world of high performance sport. 

A regular and routine screening is perfomred at the corresponding sportive centers and whenever an abnormality is detected, the subject is transferred to our Cardiobvascular Institute where a second line of tests and specific treatments can be provided. 

Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to perform high complex surgeries and treatments, with success rates above the national average. Our staff works with the newest surgical and interventional techniques, equipment and devices, including most recently developed strategies. We are one of the largest and best equipped University Medical Center in Europe, due to the prestigious and devoted professionals, researchers and teacher in the Cardiovascular field.

For nation-wide scores, it has been established a comprehensive rating system to compare the quality of cardiac surgery among hospitals across the country. Most years the Hospital and our Institute have been awarded with the highest positions at the Top ten which is based on Aortic Valve Replacement, combined Aortic Valve Replacement and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery, and CABG or PCI.

Our Institute

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Our facilites and Technology

  • 8 BEDS

    Coronary Care Unit

  • 18 BEDS

    Medial Intermediate care

  • 8 BEDS

    Surgical ICU

  • 5

    Angio Hemodinamic rooms

  • 46 BEDS


  • 8 BEDS

    Short stay

  • 8 BEDS

    Surgical Step-down unit

  • 2 cardiac 1 vascular

    Operating Rooms

    (24/365 availability)
  • 2 LABS.

    Cath. Labs.

  • 3 LABS.

    EPS Labs.

  • 7

    Echo machines

  • 2

    OR Echo machines


University of Barcelona. Master degrees

· Advanced Medical Skills. Specialization in:

- Acute Cardiac Care and Perioperative Intensive Care

- Diagnosis and Interventional Treatment in Coronary Heart Disease

- Clinical Electrophysiology and Rhythm Management Devices

- Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging

- Endovascular and Cardiac Treatments

· Advanced cardiovascular surgery and specialized intensive care

· Techniques of extracorporeal perfusion and oxygenation

· Collaboration in International Master of Valve Repair


  • Cardiac Insufficiency and transplantation

  • Interventional cardiology

  • Acute cardiac care

  • Non invasive imagining

  • Sports cardiology

  • Cardiac surgery

  • Electrophysiology and Arrhytmias

  • Vascular surgery


The Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) is a biomedical research institute of excellence. It combines clinical and basic research in order to accelerate the translation of the knowledge to the benefit of the patients.

The research activity of Cardiology is primarily involved in two main lines of research:

· Atherosclerosis, coronary disease and cardiac insufficiency

· Arrhythmias, resynchronization and cardiac imaging


  • 81

    Published originals

  • 413

    Total Impact factor

  • 19

    Competitive national projects

  • 2

    Competitive international projects


  • 0,83


  • 0,94


  • 0,84


  • 3.650


  • 2,19


  • 6

    Lengh of stay

RAMI - Risk-adjusted Mortality Rate
RACI - Risk-adjusted Complication Index
RARI - Risk-adjusted Readmissions Index

Our results

  • 50

    Percutaneous heart valve interventions

  • 800

    Device implantation

    (pacemaker ICD)
  • 900

    Cardiac surgeries

    Including MICS
  • 3000


  • 1200

    Arrhythmia ablation

    (Including atrial fibrillation and ventricle tachycardia)
  • 100

    Aortic aneurism

    (Including endovascular treatment)
  • 300

    Vascular surgery

    (carotid artery, AV fistula)
  • 12000


  • 700

    Cardiac MRI

  • 1700

    Stress test

Our core values are the vocation of patient service and respect for people and rely on the intense teamwork of our group and the ambition for excellence and excellence.

The department comprises a strong team of professionals from various cardiac subspecialties, (cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, non-interventional cardiologists, cardiovascular intensive care professionals), and specialized nurses, among others, capable to treat all types of heart diseases.

Our prestigious and devoted professionals, researchers and teachers in the Cardiovascular field are international opinion leaders in all the subspecialtiyes.

Our multidisciplinay team has extensive experience in the patient centered care and is completely commited to the patient process during the treatment but also to the post-procedural care.

We are known to deliver a professional, individualized and compassionate care to all patients.

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