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20 September, 2019

International Patient Care Department delegation of the United Arab Emirates visits barnaclínic+

On September 17th, we received an International Patient Care Department (IPCD) Delegation of Department of Health of the United Arab Emirates (DoH), led by its Acting Director Ms Hind Mubarak Al Zaabi framed within the collaboration agreement signed a year ago. During the visit, the IPCD delegation was able to visit our facilities, exchange impressions with some of our professionals and learn about our processes and logistics solutions.

Collaboration Agreement between the Department of Health UAE (DoH) and barnaclinic+ Hospital Clínic Group

Almost a year ago, on September 28th 2018, barnaclinic+ and the DoH signed a collaboration agreement in the Embassy of Madrid. The main objective of this agreement is supporting the care needs of those patients that the IPCD determine and their integration with the healthcare care team and adaptation to the city during this process.

Visit of the IPCD Delegation of United Arab Emirates

In the context of this agreement, on September 17th, an IPCD (DoH) Delegation visited barnaclínic+ to personally know our center and determine which are the most outstanding specialties.

The delegation, formed by Ms Hind Mubarak Al Zaabi and representatives of the IPCD Medical Board (Dr. Yaqoub Al Hamadi and Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi), began their visit by talking with Dr. Montserrat Rovira about our Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program. Next, Dr. Manuel Castellà presented the Cardiology Institute and the latest advances in Cardiovascular Surgery and they visited the Unit and the ICU of Hemodynamic with Dr. Manel Sabaté. Dr. Antonio de Lacy presented the main strengths of the Gastrointestinal Institute. He focused on digestive oncology and the new techniques for the approach to colorectal cancer (TaTME) settling our commitment to minimally surgery invasive. Finally, Dr. Joaquim Enseñat explained why we are international references in Neurosurgery and brain microsurgery.

In addition, besides our care activity, the IPCD Delegation was very interested in the global experience of the patient and in our solutions to ease mobility, accommodation, communication and global support.

The future of collaboration

With the intention of continuing to meet with the efficiency requirements of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, his Excellency Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Hameli, barnaclínic+ proposed actions in Barcelona and Abu Dhabi to identify in which specific specialties they could offer added value for patients and the Department of Health of the United Arab Emirates.

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