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21 September, 2018

The only high-complexity units for liver diseases in Spain

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona group has a long tradition in Hepatology. It is not surprising that it was the first centre in Spain to have a specific Department, founded 50 years ago. It was also the first centre in the country to have a Hepatic Disease ICU and a Hepatic Haemodynamics Unit. Both have been refurbished this year, and are still the only high-complexity units in Spain, and one of the few in Europe specifically for liver diseases.


The Hospital Clínic Group’s Hepatic Haemodynamics Unit was the first in Spain (1982) and has recently been refurbished. Within the unit, three types of intervention are primarily conducted: two diagnostic techniques, suprahepatic vein catheterisation and transjugular liver biopsy; and TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt), used to treat complications derived from Portal Hypertension.

It is divided into two wards and is located alongside the Hepatic ICUone of the few Intensive Care Units in Europe specialising in liver diseases. Thanks to the physical proximity of these two units, a swifter diagnosis can be offered. A hepatic biopsy can be obtained in less than 24 hours from the patient’s admission to the ICU, which is highly important for critically ill patients.

These two integrated units (Hepatic Haemodynamics and Hepatic ICU) make it possible to offer comprehensive treatment to patients. Soon after admission to the hospital, a specific diagnosis can be obtained and personalised treatment can be implemented, whether pharmacological or surgical.

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