The progressive improvement in our country's health system has meant that more and more centers are performing conventional hematopoietic stem cell transplants. That is why our program, in compliance with the usual line of advance of our institution, has directed its efforts towards highly complex transplant programs. Furthermore, in addition to conventional transplants for all types of diseases, we are also developing other lines of care.

Lines of care


· Autoimmune diseases. Multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease and lupus erythematosus. We are the only center in Spain taking part in international studies for the treatment of these diseases.

· Plasma cell dyscrasias. Our center is the most experienced center in the country regarding the treatment of light chain diseases or scleromyxedema.


It represents more than half of all allogeneic transplants and the center is responsible for the highest number of these procedures per year in Spain. More and more patients are being treated by umbilical cord transplant due to not being able to locate a compatible volunteer donor.


Lines of transplant care have been developed for patients with diseases that are not curable by any other means, such as idiopathic myelofibrosis, multiple myeloma, aggressive lymphomas, chronic lymphocytic leukemia or paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.

The medical team is 100% dedicated to HSCT. As a result, our patients are always seen by the same team of physicians throughout the entire procedure.

Specially trained hospital nurses have extensive experience in the care of these patients with a nurse-to-patient ratio that is never more than 1:2. 

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Material resources

Stem Cells Room
18 equipped rooms with filtered air that allow ISO Class 8 environmental isolation.
Stem Cells Day Hospital
Day hospital specifically for HSCT recipients that is open 7 days a week.
Stem Cells Transfusion
The Apheresis performs a minimum of three procedures a week and provides all the single donor transfusion support that our patients require. 
Stem Cells cryopreservation
The graft processing, handling and cryopreservation unit is especially equipped to perform all types of cell screening. 
Stem Cells Radiotherapy
The Radiotherapy unit is prepared to administer total body.


Stem Cells Process 01

Case assessment and validation of the indication for transplantation.

Stem Cells Process 01

Individualised evaluation, proposing the most suitable type of transplant for each patient.

Stem Cells Process 01

Search for potential donors in the patient’s circle and in national and international donor banks.

Stem Cells Process 01

Performance of compatibility tests.

Stem Cells Process 01

Extraction of stem cells, with processing, preparation and conservation until transplantation.

Stem Cells Process 01

Performance of the transplant.

Stem Cells Process 01

Post-transplant follow-up of the patient.



Our results


Stem Cells Transplant


Stem cell transplants per year

Porcentage Stem Cells

Patients developing Graft Versus Host Disease

Survival rate

Allogeneic trasplant Stem Cells
Allogeneic transplant

Autologous trasplant Stem cells
Autologous transplant

Allogeneic trasplant 70

First year
For 5 years
First year
For 5 years

Time of treatment

Stem Cells Transplant

Average waiting time*

4-5 Weeks

* Since the search arrives to the register, if the patient has a donor

Estimated time of treatment

· Autologous transplants

4-5 months

· Allogeneic related donor

8-9 months

· Allogeneic unrelated donnor

12 months

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