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27 November, 2019

Hospital Clínic chosen as second-best hospital in Spain for the sixth consecutive year

Mejor Hospital de España

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is the  second  best Spanish hospital according to the 2019  Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS). The first place was won by the Hospital Universitario La Paz, while Gregorio Maranon Hospital closes the Top3. The Clinic was also chosen as  the best hospital in Spain in the following medical specialties: GastroenterologyGeneral and Gastrointestinal surgeryHematologyNephrology and Pulmonology.


The Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS) is an independent study elaborated by the company Merco. The results are based on 6.149 surveys filled in by medical professionals, nurses, members of public healthcare administration, pharmacy managers, patients’ associations and healthcare journalists.

Based on 2,853 objective indicators of 2,525 clinical departments, they identify the services with the best reputation over 25 specialist areas. The result of this study is the ranking of the hospitals (both public and private) by their reputation, and their classification by medical specialties. Up to 90 different rankings are available.

The Health Reputation Monitor is the only independent study that analyzes the reputation of all Spanish healthcare. The data for its realization are obtained from the hospitals themselves, from the Ministry of Health and from the health departments of the autonomous communities. The reliability of this study is supported by the independent review by the consultant KPMG. In addition, it is supported by doctors’ and nurses’ associations, patients’ associations and healthcare journalists.


Hospital Clínic de Barcelona not only is the second-best Spanish hospital, but it also stands out as the hospital with the best management. The Clinic was also chosen as the best hospital in Spain for the following medical specialties:  Digestive System,  General and Gastrointestinal Surgery,  Hematology,  Nephrology  and  Pulmonology. It also  ranks in the Top3 in the following specialties:  Anesthesia and resuscitationDermatologyEndocrinology y NutritionInternal MedicineNeurologyGynecology and ObstetricsPsychiatryRadio diagnosticsUrology , and other services.

With respect to last year’s MRS 2018 results, the Clinic has improved its rankings in: Allergology (11th position / +13 positions), Hospital Pharmacy (5th position / +8 positions) and Ophthalmology  (6th position / +8 positions).

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