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4 December, 2018

La Paz and the Hospital Clínic, the public hospitals with the best reputation in Spain for the fifth consecutive year

According to the 2018 Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS)Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Hospital Universitario La Paz have been selected for the fifth consecutive year as the public hospitals with the best reputation in Spain. In addition to once again securing this high placement in the public hospitals category, it also tops general lists (public and private) for the following specialities: Digestive systemGeneral and digestive surgeryHaematologyNephrologyPulmonology and Urology


The Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS) is an independent study, prepared by the company Merco. It is conducted using the data obtained from 7,936 surveys taken by healthcare professionals, nurses, hospital pharmacy managers, members of public healthcare administration, patient associations, laboratory management and healthcare journalists. Based on 180 objective indicators from 2,280 clinical departments, they identify the services with the best reputation over 22 specialist areas and the rankings of the hospitals with the best reputation in Spain.


In addition to being the public hospital with the second best reputation in Spain, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has been selected as the hospital with the Best Management and the Best Management team and leads the rankings in the following specialities: Digestive systemGeneral and digestive surgeryHaematologyNephrologyPulmonology and Urology. It also holds second place in the following specialities: DermatologyEndocrinology and nutritionInternal MedicineNeurologyGynaecology and obstetricsPsychiatry and Rheumatology.

With respect to last year, the improvement in the results for the specialities was as follows: Digestive system (1st place / +2 places), General and digestive surgery (1st place / +2 places), Dermatology (2nd place / +3 places), Ophthalmology (8th place/ + 11 places), Medical Oncology (4th place / +6 places), Ear, Nose and Throat (3rd place / +6 places) and Urology (1st place / + 2 places).

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