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26 de March de 2024

Full gender-affirming surgery: a comprehensive solution to get the life you want as soon as possible

Cirugía total de afirmación de género

In the quest to align the body with gender identity, full gender-affirming surgery emerges as a complete process that involves multiple surgical interventions. Through procedures such as vaginoplasty, body and facial feminisation and glottoplasty, among others, we seek to provide transgender people with the opportunity to live authentically and satisfyingly. However, before embarking on this transformative journey, it is crucial to understand both the benefits and risks associated with this decision, as well as to seek the appropriate places to carry out these interventions.


Total gender-affirming surgery involves a series of surgical interventions designed to adjust the body to a person’s gender identity. From vaginoplasty, through body and facial feminisation surgery, to glottoplasty, these interventions seek to offer aesthetic coherence and greater satisfaction with body image.

The process can vary depending on the patient’s individual needs, but typically involves a series of interventions performed in a relatively short period of time. For example, a patient may first undergo vaginoplasty, followed by additional body feminisation procedures, then facial feminisation, and finally voice surgery.


Conducting all interventions in a concentrated time period can have significant benefits. From solidifying the transition process to reducing wait time and emotional stress, full gender-affirming surgery offers a more efficient route to gender authenticity. However, it also carries risks, such as a prolonged recovery, increased risk of complications, and financial pressure. Let’s look in more detail at what we’re talking about and why performing total gender-affirming surgery is a good idea…

«Performing all interventions in a concentrated period of time can have significant benefits for the patient. From consolidating the transition process and offering a better aesthetic result, to reducing waiting time and emotional stress. However, it also carries risks that the patient should be aware of…»

Dr. Mauricio Raigosa

6 benefits of total gender-affirming surgery

  1. Everything in the same centre, with the same equipment

    Total gender-affirming surgery provides the opportunity to carry out all the interventions in a short time, in the same centre. Normally, to follow the complete gender-affirming process, you have to visit more than one centre, put yourself in the hands of several teams, travel and wait a long time. Full gender-affirming surgery at barnaclínic+ allows all interventions to be carried out in a short time, coordinated by the same multidisciplinary team of professionals, without having to travel or manage admissions to different centres.

  2. Consolidation of the process

    Performing all interventions in a concentrated period of time can allow the person to complete their gender transition more quickly and efficiently, which can be emotionally rewarding.

  3. Shorter waiting time

    The person can reduce the total time spent waiting and preparing for each procedure individually.

  4. Reduction of emotional stress

    For some people, the ability to complete all interventions in a relatively short time may reduce the emotional stress associated with the gender transition process.

  5. Aesthetic coherence

    By performing multiple interventions in a short period of time, it is possible to achieve a more coherent and harmonious facial and body appearance, as the changes are integrated more effectively.

  6. Cost and time reduction

    By bundling multiple interventions into a single surgical period, it is possible to reduce the costs and time associated with multiple separate surgical procedures.

4 risks associated with total gender-affirming surgery

  1. Long recovery

    Performing multiple interventions in a short time can result in a prolonged recovery period during the concentrated process. This can increase the risk of postoperative complications and affect quality of life during the recovery period. However, performing all transgender interventions at barnaclínic+ will allow more effective communication between teams and between the patient and professionals, in addition to reducing travel.

  2. Higher risk of complications

    The accumulation of multiple surgical procedures can increase the risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications, such as infections, hematomas, poor healing, among others. On the other hand, if full gender-affirming surgery is performed in a single centre, the management of these complications will be easier, with professionals from different specialties involved, and they can be addressed sooner and better.

  3. Physical and emotional fatigue

    Performing multiple transgender surgeries in a short period of time can be physically exhausting and emotionally challenging for the person. Cumulative fatigue and stress can negatively impact recovery and overall well-being. However, it must also be taken into account that travel will be reduced, the total cost will be reduced and the desired objective will be achieved much sooner, with the resulting positive impact in terms of the patient’s peace of mind.

  4. Financial pressure

    Performing multiple interventions in a short time can be financially demanding, as the costs associated with surgery, hospitalisation, and recovery can quickly add up. Even if savings are achieved in the total cost of all interventions, doing them all at once can put financial pressure on the person and their support systems. In this sense, it is important to take into account how much transgender surgery costs, we will tell you HERE.


Not all medical centres are equipped to offer full gender affirmation surgery. It is essential to look for centres with experience and specialisation in gender-affirming surgery, that have a multidisciplinary approach and gender-sensitive care protocols.

Here are the conditions that a centre must meet to perform this type of surgery:

At barnaclínic+ we meet all these requirements; our team stands out for its experience and dedication in gender-affirming surgery. We have highly trained international leading specialists, cutting-edge facilities and a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees comprehensive care.

In 24 hours you can talk to the person who will be your surgeon.




The decision to perform all interventions in a relatively short period of time is personal and may vary depending on the individual needs of the patient. However, there are several reasons why a patient might consider full gender-affirming surgery:

Let barnaclínic+ accompany you on this journey. We put our team of experts in total gender-affirming surgery at your disposal.


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