Dra. Zoe Mariño Méndez

· Physician specialized in Viral Hepatitis in the Hepatology Service of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and barnaclínic+.

  • Hepatología

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· Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

· Master in Liver Diseases by the Universitat de Barcelona.

· Doctor in Medicine from the Universitat de Barcelona.


· Hepatology.

· Viral Hepatitis.

· Hepatic cirrhosis.


· 12 years of experience in Medicine.

· 8 years of experience as a Digestive Specialist.

· 8 years of experience as a Hepatology Specialist. Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of patients with acute and chronic diseases of the liver.

· 6 years in the Viral Hepatitis Unit of the Hepatology Service, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Experience in antiviral treatment with direct antiviral agents for hepatitis C.

· Extensive experience in the realization and interpretation of Transition Elastography (Fibroscan®)


Numerous publications in high impact journals of clinical and translational research in the field of Hepatology and hepatic diseases by hepatotropic virus.