Alcoholism and all other addictions are diseases that affect a person's behavior, his/her values and beliefs scale and also his/her own and his/her family's quality of life. Here at barnaclínic+ we offer treatments in which the patient plays the main role so that once treatment has concluded, the patient can beat the addiction and regain his/her former quality of life. Symptoms relating to any addiction tend to include cravings, loss of control, physical dependence resulting in withdrawal symptoms and increased tolerance to larger amounts of the substance, whether drugs or alcohol.


Addiction means that a person cannot control his/her desire to use a drug or drink. Someone who's addicted has grown so used to doing something that they cannot stop. Addiction can be physical, psychological or both.


Today we are using effective drug and psychological treatments based on a motivational approach where the patient plays the main role in his/her own change.

These treatments make overall physical and psychological rehabilitation easier with the final goal of helping the patient to not only overcome the addiction but also to regain a satisfactory quality of life.


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