Dra. Violeta Moizé Arcone

Languages: Spanish | Catalan | English


· Research and Clinical Nutritionist. Functional Unit of Obesity. hospital Clínic de Barcelona

· Dietitian-nutritionist at barnaclínic+

· Associate Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona

· President of the Sociedad Científica Española de Dietética y Nutrición (SEDYN) 

  • Dietética
  • Dietética y nutrición
  • Obesidad

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· Doctor degree in Food and NutritionUniversitat de Barcelona (2017)

· Bachelor's in nutrition and Dietetics, Universitat de Barcelona (1996)

· Bachelor's in science and technology of foods, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2008).

· Master´s in public healthUniversitat de Barcelona (1998).

· Master´s in science and food innovationsUniversitat de Barcelona (2011).

· Practical approaches to the treatment of obesityHarvard Medical School (2008)

· Patient Safety in obesity Surgery: Defining best practices (2005)

· Marie Curie Research Fellow (IOF) program (2013 -2017)

· Pre-doc Research training at New York Nutrition and Obesity Research Center

· Staff associate at Institute of Human Nutrition - Columbia University


· More than 25 years of experience


- Nutrition

- Obesity

- Bariatric surgery

- Diabetes

- Dyslipidemia


· Author of numerous book chapters and scientific articles on topics related to obesity.

· Participation in numerous national and international conferences and scientific meetings on obesity and bariatric surgery.