Dr. Antonio M Lacy Fortuny

Head of the Service of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Section Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and barnaclínic+.

  • Cáncer de colon y recto
  • Cirugía general y digestiva
  • Cirugía laparoscópica
  • Cirugía Laparoscópica de incisión única
  • Cirugía Laparoscópica en el cáncer de colon y recto
  • Cirugía Mínimamente Invasiva
  • Obesidad

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Professor with Tenure of Surgery and Surgical Specialties at the University of Barcelona.

Pioneer in the performance of a NOTES surgery (through natural body cavities) to extract a gallbladder though the oral cavity, and in the use of the SILS technique (single transumbilical access) in the surgery of Obesity.

In more than 25 years of experience he has performed more than 15000 surgical interventions.
His group performs more than 800 annual surgeries using laparoscopic surgery (morbid obesity and colorectal, stomach or esophagus cancer).

· 175 publications, with an Cumulative Impact Factor of 454 and a Hirsch Index of 32. 19 book chapters. 320 lectures in conferences.

· Founder of Aischannel.com

·  Past president EAES (European Association Endoscopic Surgery)

· Founder of BIMA (Barcelona International Medical Academy)