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31 May, 2021

The Hospital Clínic is yet again this year among the three public centres with the best reputation in Spain

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

After a very complicated year, in which the Covid-19 pandemic put a large part of the hospital centres around the world on the ropes, there was interest in knowing the results of the ranking that Merco, the Health Reputation Monitor has been preparing for seven years. The Hospital Clínic has once again become one of the leading centres in this classification, achieving for another year to be in the top three of the public centres with the best reputation in Spain, only surpassed by the Hospital Universitario La Paz de Madrid and ahead of the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio MarañónIt is the seventh consecutive year that Hospital Clínic has achieved the second position in the ranking.

The Health Reputation Monitor ranking also makes an evaluation of 26 different specialties. Here the Hospital Clínic managed to position itself as the centre with the best reputation in up to six of them: Digestive System, General surgery and of the digestive systemHematologyGynaecology and ObstetricsPulmonology and Urology. In the remaining twenty specialties, the centre was always among the top 15 hospitals.

It is also worth noting how the Hospital Clínic achieved good results in other rankings that do not directly evaluate clinic specialties, but rather the management of the centre. Thus, the ranking placed the Hospital Clínic as the second hospital with the best management team and also the second with the best nursing management.

On this occasion, a new section was also included to assess which hospitals had been with a better clinical approach to the COVID-19. The Hospital Clínic ranked eighth, with the top three in this category being the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, the Hospital Universitario La Paz de Madrid and the Hospital Universitario Fundació Jiménez Díaz.

The Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) is an independent study that analyses the reputation of the entire Spanish health system, and through which the actors of the health system have been evaluated based on three ratings: the first, the evaluation carried out by professional doctors (2,248 hospital specialists and 301 family and community medicine doctors); the second the assessment of 259 managers and heads of hospitals, 251 nurse managers, 2,758 nurses, 72 managers of pharmaceutical companies, 72 heads of hospital pharmacy, 549 heads of patient associations, as well as 163 journalists and health informants based on 16 reputation variables for clinical services; and, finally, all these evaluations are complemented by the third analysis of more than 2,853 specific objective indicators of 2,704 clinical services.

For more information about the Health Reputation Monitor ranking, you can consult the following link.



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