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11 July, 2023

barnaclínic+ among the best private hospitals in Spain

Mejores hospitales privados de España

Top Doctors, the leading company in the digital transformation of the health sector and access to the best medical specialists in the country, has for the first time made a selection of the 20 best private hospitals in Spain, in which barnaclínic+ has been recognised as one of the highest quality private medicine centres in the country. By winning this Top Doctors Clinic Awards 2022, barnaclínic+ once again demonstrates its excellence in providing high-quality medical services and its commitment to patient satisfaction.

Criteria for selecting the best private hospitals in Spain


Top Doctors follows a meticulous and detailed process to select the best private hospitals in Spain. Through three fundamental criteria, it provides patients with valuable information to make informed decisions:

  1. Quality and experience of the medical team:Top Doctors guarantees that the doctors who are part of the best private hospitals are top-level professionals, with extensive experience and knowledge in their respective medical specialties.
  2. Nominations from other health professionals: Nominations made by other doctors and health personnel are also taken into account during the evaluation process. This provides additional insight into the reputation and capacity of private hospitals.
  3. Verified patient ratings:The opinions and ratings of patients after their consultation are a crucial part of the evaluation. Top Doctors collects and verifies patient reviews to evaluate the quality of medical care provided.

Rigor in the selection of the best private hospitals

The selection of the best private hospitals in Spain by Top Doctors is a rigorous process that guarantees the inclusion of the most outstanding centres and specialists. Top Doctors revealed that 70% of the doctors who are part of the medical staff of these 20 best private centres in Spain have passed their selection process. This comprehensive system ensures that only doctors who demonstrate sufficient merit are included in the list.

Highlighting the rigor of its selection process, to achieve this, each specialist must be recommended by another doctor, undergo an external audit that evaluates more than 10 criteria, such as their experience, national and international training, clinical skills, degree of specialisation and positions of responsibility, among others. In addition, professionals must also go through a personal interview with the Top Doctors team.

In the data collection, more than 4.500 votes from professionals in the clinical and hospital sector have been considered, as well as more than 235.000 patient ratings shared on the Top Doctors platform. This broad and representative collection of information guarantees transparency and reliability in the evaluation of centres and specialists.


The recognition of barnaclínic+ as one of the best private hospitals in Spain by Top Doctors is a testament to its dedication to providing exceptional medical care. With a highly qualified medical team and the use of cutting-edge technology, barnaclínic+ continues to stand out as a leader in the provision of quality health services in the country.

Barnaclínic+ patients can rely on receiving top-notch medical care, backed by the experience and commitment of the hospital’s medical professionals. Excellence in patient care is a key priority for barnaclínic+, and this recognition reaffirms its position as one of the most prominent private hospitals in Spain.

«This 2023, when Top Doctors celebrates its tenth anniversary, we wanted to grant a new recognition to value the work of hospitals and clinics and to help patients in their decision-making within private medicine. That is why we wanted to make public this ranking with the 20 most outstanding private hospitals in our country. All of this is a faithful reflection of our philosophy of giving visibility to the excellence of both the professionals, endorsed by their careers, and the centres, clinics and hospitals, which together do excellent social work”, explains Lorena Bassas, co-founder of Top Doctors.

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