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28 March, 2023

barnaclínic+ strengthens ties with the Dominican Republic

barnaclínic+ en la República Dominicana

Between the 20th and 22nd of March, a representation of barnaclinic+, formed by Carles Loran, our manager, Dr Pere Feliu, from iberoamedical and one of our collaborators, and Dr Jordi Rumià, a neurosurgeon who is part of the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Unit (UPTM) of the Clínic de Barcelona and barnaclínic+, visited the Dominican Republic. This visit has been promoted by Maximo  Corporana Parkinson’s patient who was operated on by Dr Rumià himself and who, thanks to his intervention, has significantly improved all his symptoms. The aim of this mission focused on Santo Domingo was none other than to present the different services offered by barnaclinic+ for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, to sign a collaboration agreement with the Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud (HGPS) and to discuss possible cooperation agreements with different entities in the country.

The first days of the mission focused on a detailed presentation of deep brain electrostimulation, which has been used in our centre for more than 25 years with better results in terms of efficacy and safety than other treatments for advanced Parkinson’s disease. Thus, during the visit, different actions were carried out, both for patients and families as well as for professionals. On the other hand, the mission in the Dominican Republic served for our centre to sign a collaboration agreement with the Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud (HGPS), one of the main hospitals in Santo Domingo. In addition, a visit was made to the MedicalNet Health Centre to study possible ways of collaboration. Finally, the barnaclinic+ delegation met with Mr Pablo Gómez de Olea Bustinza, Spanish Consul in Santo Domingo, to define and facilitate the transit of patients to Barcelona.


This action has its origin in Mr Maximo Corporan, a member of the Fundación Vivir con Parkinson and the Asociación de Pacientes con Párkinson de Santo Domingo. Mr Corporan is a Parkinson’s patient who was operated on by Dr Jordi Rumià himself by means of deep brain electrostimulation at Barnaclinic+ and who, after the operation, improved notably in all his symptoms. Thanks to his mediation through the different associations, Dr Rumià was able to give two conferences in the Dominican capital, both at the Universidad Iberoamericana de Santo Domingo. The first of these was aimed at patients and their families, in which the expert neurosurgeon explained in a simple and informative way the options that currently exist for Parkinson’s disease, detailing above all deep brain electrostimulation and the use of ultrasound. Afterwards, Dr Rumià addressed students and medical professionals in a masterly lecture with a more scientific tone.

Dr. Jordi Rumià en la UNIBE

Taking advantage of this visit, the manager of barnaclinic+, Carles Loran, also met with the rector and scientific director of the Universidad Iberoamericana de Santo Domingo, Dr Odile Camilo Vincent. At this meeting, the two men explored the possibility of future training collaborations and training stays for Dominican students in Barcelona.


Subsequently, our delegation met with the management of the Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud (HGPS) to lay the groundwork and sign a bilateral collaboration agreement. The agreement aims to establish cooperation links for medical assistance, promotion and development of projects and activities of mutual interest. Under the terms of the agreement, care, teaching, scientific or management programmes will be developed, including the provision of support or complementary care to HGPS patients through a second medical opinion or referral for treatment, and the professional collaboration of Barnaclinic+ will be promoted in terms of diagnostic equipment, laboratories, complex surgery and hospitalisation available to HGPS patients.

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