The Pancreas Surgery Unit at barnaclínic+ offers you the possibility to arrange an appointment with our centre online.  Once you have made your request, we will contact you, and try our best to find a convenient time according to your preferences.



The Pancreas Surgery Unit, which has been developing its work for the last 10 years, offers personalised attention and maximum quality both at the diagnosis level as well as therapy for the treatment of lesions located in the pancreas which require surgery.  Its aim has always been to have a multidisciplinary approach to pancreatic diseases and this collaboration of medical specialists and surgeons has given rise to them obtaining first class results that have made and continue to make the Grup Hospital Clínic an international reference in this pathology. 

Surgeries and Procedures

Surgery is the main treatment with curative intent for pancreatic cancer and tumour related lesions. The results of the surgical procedure and the success of the intervention are clearly related to the experience of the team. To be able to remove a tumour with curative intent it is essential to carry out an extension study to confirm its location and distance affectation. 

Types of surgery

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