Data protection information

According to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27 regarding the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter the "Regulation"), we inform you that:

Treatment of Patients' Personal Data

Please carefully read this information related to the treatment that BARNACLÍNIC+ performs with your personal data.

1. Data Controller and Data Protection Officer Details

2. Purposes of the Processing

The data processing aims to achieve the following purposes:

  • In the healthcare field: ensuring the treatment and medical care provided in the center; ensuring continuity of care between different health and social care devices; providing necessary information for proper billing of services rendered, complementing your Medical History, and conducting observational studies to improve healthcare quality.

We will only ask for data that is necessary for your care.

  • Patient Information Rights: The regulations governing patient autonomy determine that the patient is the holder of the right to information. However, in the care process, we can also inform other individuals related to the patient for family or factual reasons, to the extent that the patient expressly or implicitly allows it.
  • Communication for appointments via SMS or email: we will send B+ users an SMS or email with the appointment details and, if applicable, reminders of scheduled visits with center services, indicating the doctor, specialty, time, and place. We will use the data provided directly by you at our center.
    However, you have the option to request communication by another means by contacting the email: barnaclinic(ELIMINAR)
  • Satisfaction surveys for service quality: with the aim of improving quality and healthcare activity, we have implemented the option to send you a satisfaction survey at the end of the process, asking about your experience at B+. This survey is voluntary, with the goal of providing better service to patients and users, and serving as a continuous improvement element in healthcare. If you do not wish to receive these surveys, please inform us via email at barnaclinic(ELIMINAR), indicating your refusal.
  • Consent for Medical Act: In certain cases required by patient autonomy legislation as a guarantee for users of healthcare services, it is necessary to request consent not for data processing but for the medical act itself. This document can be signed manually or electronically and is part of your medical history.
  • Medical History: The Medical History is primarily intended to help ensure appropriate patient care. Healthcare professionals at the center involved in diagnosing or treating the patient must have access to the medical history.
    Patient autonomy legislation requires that while care is provided to a specific patient, the professionals attending to them may, at all times, have access to the corresponding medical history.
    Access to medical history data may be for various purposes: epidemiological, research, or teaching in accordance with data protection and general health legislation.
    Personnel responsible for administrative and management tasks in healthcare centers may access data related to these functions.
    All personnel accessing any type of medical history data as part of their duties are subject to confidentiality obligations.
  • Custody of Medical History: Healthcare centers are obligated to custody medical histories and must retain them as required by patient autonomy legislation, ensuring their authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and proper preservation and maintenance of recorded healthcare information, ensuring complete reproducibility in the future, for the period it is mandatory to retain them, 15 years in Catalonia, regardless of the medium in which they are stored, which does not necessarily have to be the original medium.
    B+, in compliance with this legislation, will maintain the data that is part of the medical history intact, regardless of the financial coverage of the care, or the legal entity providing it as part of a differencial group for coverage reasons, with the aim of ensuring that clinical information is available at any time in complete form. The recording of healthcare information in the medical history regarding the care process at barnaclínic+ or at the Hospital Clínic Barcelona will be unique.
    We will inform through notice boards in healthcare areas of the rights available to you and that you can contact the DPO if you are interested in limiting this processing.

The processing carried out by B+ is based on what the regulation calls Legal Bases of Processing, which are:

  • For the provision of healthcare or social care, we will process data necessary for medical diagnosis, healthcare provision, or healthcare or social treatment, or for managing public or private healthcare and social care systems and services.
  • Communication of appointments and reminders of healthcare visits, whether by SMS or email, the same basis that supports healthcare provision as communication with the patient is part of their healthcare process.
  • Service quality: legitimate interest (sending the survey) and consent (responding to the survey is voluntary).

Recipients of Health Data Processing:

Healthcare information and clinical data will be used by our administrative staff and healthcare services, and may be transmitted to public and private official bodies that, for legal or material necessity reasons, must access them either to provide care correctly or to manage public and private healthcare and social care systems and services, or to execute insurance contracts in which the interested party participates.

International Transfers

We inform you that your personal data will not be communicated or processed outside the European Economic Area.

Retention Criteria

The data provided will be retained in accordance with healthcare legislation and current data protection regulations and the recommendations of our Code of Conduct (Catalan Hospital Union). At a minimum, regarding those contained in the Medical History, for 15 years from the last healthcare action, and for a longer period if B+ may need them for the defense of its rights and legal liability.

3. Rights of Data Subjects Regarding Data Processing

The regulations on data protection grant patients and users rights to receive information and access their data processed by B+. In particular:

  • Interested parties have the right to access their data, know the purposes of the processing, the recipients to whom they are addressed, the retention period, and to request rectification or deletion of data, or limitation or even opposition to processing.
  • The right to file a complaint with B+'s DPO or with the supervisory authorities.
  • Any information regarding the origin of the data.
  • B+ does not make automated decisions or profiles with the data, nor does it make international transfers of data outside the European economic area.
  • The right to request the limitation of data processing; however, in this case, B+ may retain them for exercising rights or defending claims.
  • In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, they may object to the processing of their data. B+ will cease processing the data, except for legitimate reasons of necessity such as the exercise or defense of potential claims.
  • They have the right to portability, i.e., that the personal data they have provided be transmitted directly to another controller in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format, where technically feasible.

If you are not satisfied with the exercise of your rights, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or with the relevant supervisory authority based on your residence.

In any case, before initiating any complaint, we ask you to contact us via email at protecciodadesbcl(ELIMINAR) in order to attempt to resolve any discrepancies amicably in the first instance.

You may exercise the aforementioned rights by sending an email to protecciodadesbcl(ELIMINAR)

B+ will respond to your requests as soon as possible and, in any case, within one month. If this is not possible, we apologize and will do so as soon as possible, under the monthly extension system of up to two additional months allowed by the Regulation in cases of complexity or volume of requests. However, we remain at your disposal if you wish to contact us again to address and correct any technical errors that may have prevented a response within this timeframe.

At any time, interested parties may withdraw their consent for the processing of data for the indicated purposes, the basis of which has been consent, which will take effect from its revocation, and therefore, they cannot withdraw consent for previous data processing or for those that did not require it.

4. Specific for Video Surveillance

Personal data captured by security cameras, as well as identifying data provided in access control, are processed by B+ for the purpose of safeguarding security, with the legal basis of this processing being the maintenance of security, therefore, public interest.

Your data will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties, except to the authorities, if requested, or if such communication is necessary.

The processed data are kept for a maximum of 30 days. The data subject can exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, and opposition, which can be exercised by sending a communication to BARNACLÍNIC, S.A. at Calle Villarroel, 170 CP 08036 Barcelona, or by email to protecciodadesbcl(ELIMINAR)

Additionally, the data subject can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the Data Protection Officer at the email address provided.

5. Healthcare Information: Use of Images and Voice

You own your healthcare information, and B+ is responsible for the custody of your medical documentation. For this reason, in addition to yourself, B+ will only provide copies of your documentation to individuals who legally represent you or to those whom you have expressly and in writing authorized.

B+ professionals, as part of healthcare work, will provide verbal information about your health status to your companions, unless you expressly state otherwise. Under no circumstances will telephone information regarding your health be provided.

If you do not wish to receive visits or do not wish for third parties to be informed of your stay at B+, you must communicate this to the professionals responsible for your care.

Additionally, we inform you that the taking and use of images and voice inside B+ are expressly prohibited.