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  1. 31 May, 2023

    barnaclinic+ introduces osteochondral transplantation, a pioneering technique to treat cartilage lesions

    Trasplante Osteocondral para lesiones de cartílago

    A few weeks ago, barnaclinic+ added a new cutting-edge technique to its range of services for the treatment of articular cartilage injuries: the Fresh Osteochondral Transplant. This innovative surgical treatment offers hope and effective solutions for patients suffering from articular cartilage injuries who are looking to regain function and quality of life.

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  2. 9 March, 2021

    Robotic knee replacement surgery achieves greater precision and customisation

    New equipment acquired by the Hospital Clínic Group allows for both early planning that is more adapted to each specific case, as well as assistance during surgery to improve its precision and accuracy. Thanks to this increased customisation and precision, patient recovery is better and faster and the knee prosthesis is also more durable.

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