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11 September, 2015

New operating theatre integrated neurosurgery with intraoperative imaging

The Hospital Clínic Group  has a new integrated operating theatre for neurosurgery that offers the latest and best technology in intraoperative imaging. This new surgical equipment will allow complex interventions to be carried out with minimally invasive techniques.

Specifically, this new equipment will optimise the cranial and spinal surgeries not only minimizing the effects of the operation but also accelerating the process of recovery and postoperative care. “The objective is to improve surgical techniques and reduce both procedures and postoperative care times”, explained Joaquim Enseñat , Chief of the Neurosurgery Service at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and specialist at barnaclínic+.

The new neurosurgery operating room has three key elements. On the one hand, a display system which allows you to plan in advance all kinds of deep brain stimulation procedures and well as being able to create 3-D images during the operation.

Another important advance of this new facility is the magnetic resonance equipment that allows you to see if a tumor has been completely removed or not during the operation.

The third integrated device in this new Neurosurgery Unit operating theatre, led by Dr. Enseñat , is the O-arm system, a scanner that generates intraoperative images of the anatomy of the patient and in real time. For Dr. Enric Ferrer , neurosurgeon at barnaclínic+ , “its main application is in spinal surgery, which allows us to define the operating area and know exactly the trajectory of the screws we implant”, he explains.

The Clinic Group has thus become the first in Catalonia and one of few in Europe that currently has an integrated operating theatre, showing once again its commitment to technological innovation. The implementation of the neurosurgery operating theatre has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Hospital Clínic  and Medtronic , a medical technology company that manufactures surgical devices and equipment.

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