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25 April, 2016

barnaclínic+ and Barcelona Medical Destination in Kuwait Medical Tourism

On the 20 and 22 March, Barcelona Medical Destination who offer the medical excellence of the centres attached to the brand, was promoted at the Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition 2016 fair. Barnaclínic+, together with  the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the IMOR Institute (Medical Institute of Oncology & Radiotherapy), participated in this event, hailed by both the centres as well as the Catalan Tourism Board and Barcelona Tourism as a great success and a good opportunity to present themselves.

Last October the first promotional event for the Barcelona Medical Destination brand, was held at the International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference(IMTEC) fair in Dubai. Barnaclínic+ was also present and participated.

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Like in the Dubai fair, the purpose of participating in the Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition 2016 was to publicize the medical services offered by the centre attached to the Barcelona Medical Destination brand, as well as Catalonia – Barcelona as a destination.

During the three-day event, representatives of BMD held meetings and interviews with local and international personalities which facilitated the publication designed for the Barcelona Medical Destination brand. In this publication the new web appears, where you can see all the details about the brand and the centres involved.

In addition, the Executive Director of the Catalan Tourism Board, and the Director of Private & International Care of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, made a presentation in which they presented Barcelona – Catalonia as a tourist destination of reference in the medical field, and unveiled the medical services of the BMD Brand, in its entirety.

In a promotion event, which has been assessed with an “excellent” degree of general satisfaction by all participants, collaboration opportunities have been identified and it has provided a unique opportunity to publicize barnaclínic+ in particular as having great potential as an international host as well as all hospitals attached to the Barcelona Medical Destination brand in general.

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