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Blog de tiroides | Dr. Óscar Vidal

  1. 11 August, 2021

    How to find out if we have alterations in thyroid function?


    Many times we wonder if the thyroid gland is working well for us. Faced with this doubt, we receive confusing information about what it is and about the consequences of suffering alterations in thyroid function. For physicians who deal with thyroid diseases, discerning this can be easy at times, but for the patient who is at home and has unspecific discomfort and symptoms, taking the step to visit their thyroid specialist may be a difficult decision. Read more…

  2. 13 August, 2019

    Thyroiditis: What is it, diagnosis and treatment options

    Tiroiditis autoinmune tiroiditis de hashimoto

    Thyroiditis is a group of thyroid diseases primarily characterised by an inflamed thyroid. This term encompasses a wide range of entities. From rare acute infectious thyroiditissubacute lymphocytic thyroiditis or drug-induced inflammation, to the more common chronic autoimmune thyroid inflammation or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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  3. 13 June, 2018

    Postoperative hypothyroidism: Symptoms, causes and what to do

    Hipotiroidismo postquirúrgico

    As we have mentioned previously, levels of thyroid hormone/levothyroxine need to be adequate after thyroid surgery. In spite of physicians seeing patients periodically for follow-up of symptoms and testing, primarily with thyrotropin (TSH), in some patients, TSH levels will remain slightly elevated on apparently correct doses of thyroid hormone. These patients, with low levothyroxine or high TSH levels, experience the unpleasant symptoms of postoperative or subclinical hypothyroidism.

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