Dr. Juan José Grau De Castro

  • Oncología Médica

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  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad de Barcelona
  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad de Barcelona
  • Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine specialist

Areas of interest

  • Medical treatment of breast, lung, colorectal, stomach, urological and head and neck cancer.
  • Electrochemotherapy of solid tumors resistant to other treatments.


  • Electrochemotherapy in solid tumors and malignant melanoma: When all the standard treatments have failed in patients with spreading surface tumors, such as breast, head and neck cancer or melanoma, it may be effective to administer chemotherapy while applying electrical pulses to the tumor with the patient under general anesthetic in the operating room. Treatment takes half an hour, is well-tolerated and achieves a tumor response rate of more than 70%.
  • New treatments in head and neck cancer: The association of low doses of chemotherapy with new anti-target drugs achieves a response in treatment-resistant tumors.
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy in stomach cancer: After radical surgery, the administration of several doses of specific chemotherapy is well tolerated and increases the chances of a permanent cure by preventing local relapses and distant metastases.