Dr. Fernando Gómez Muñoz

- Medical Specialist in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the Radiology Department of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and barnaclínic+.

  • Radiodiagnóstico

Select service:

- PhDUniversitat de Valencia

- Colaborator Lecturer at the Universitat de Barcelona.

- Lymphatic intervention: Diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema.

- Percutaneous treatment of lymphatic malformations.

- Treatment of lymphatic leakage (chylothorax, chylous ascites ...)

- More than 6 years of experience as an Interventional Radiologist performing more tan 200 interventions per year.

- Pro Academia Prize 2013 in Recognition for the efforts in science and academic life, EMRF, The Round Table Foundation. February 2013

- CIRSE Fellowship Grant 2012  

- Best Poster SERVEI 2011: Best Poster SERVEI 2011: Evaluation of the degree of necrosis of an liver cancer treated with chemoembolization by histological examination of the explant. DE. Perez Enguix, R. Garcia, H. Montes, FM Gomez, M. Lloret Larrea, J. Longares

- Best Poster SERVEI 2009: Superselective embolization of the low digestive bleeding, meta-analysis and review of the experience at the H.C. San Carlos. Eduardo Crespo Vallejo, Ernesto Martin Santos, Fernando Gómez Muñoz, Juan Gallego Beuter