Erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction affects one in every five Spanish men and especially men over the age of 50, which may be due to an illness such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heavy smoking. In some cases, erectile problems are the first symptoms of heart disease.
On the other hand, erectile dysfunction may be due to a psychological problem, such as anxiety, stress or problems in the relationship. Therefore, when there is an erectile problem, seeing a doctor is highly recommended in order to rule out any other health problems.

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In the Urology and Men's Health Unit, we have the best professionals and the best technology to carry out the most accurate diagnosis of erectile problems:

  • Virtual CNG

  • Biochemical findings

  • Hormone findings

  • Inflammatory marker findings)

Our professional team (urologists, cardiologists, psychologists, dieticians, endocrinologists) will make a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment designed to needs meet the needs of each particular patient.

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