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Sexual problems are very common in men: one in five Spaniards suffer from erectile problems, one in three male Spaniards suffer from premature ejaculation and approximately one in ten men have low testosterone.

Sexual problems have a negative impact on relationships with partners and in the quality of life, both for men and their partners. Treatment of sexual problems is efficient and safe, and includes pharmacological treatment, sex therapy and the insertion of a penile prosthesis.

In the Urology and Men's Health Unit, we have the best professionals available for your care, as well as the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and treatments for male sex problems.


  • Joana Guarch

    Joana Guarch

    Psicóloga Especialista en Trastornos depresivos y de ansiedad.

  • Mireia Mora

    Mireia Mora

    Endocrinóloga y nutricionista Especialista en: patología hipofisaria, tiroidea, suprarrenal, tumores neuroendocrinos, trastornos de identidad de género.

  • José Tomas Ortiz Pérez

    José Tomas Ortiz Pérez

    Cardiólogo Adjunto de la unidad coronária. Especialista en Cardiología ambulatoria.

  • Bárbara Romano

    Bárbara Romano

    Dietista y nutricionista Especialista en nutrición humana y dietética, y ciencia y tecnología de los alimentos

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