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15 April, 2019

Latest advances in brain tumour surgery

Brain tumour surgery has two main functions: to obtain tissue to make an accurate diagnosis (biopsy) and to achieve the highest possible degree of excision. At barnaclínic+, we have the latest advances to obtain the maximum volume of excision with minimal patient impact, in addition to the best techniques for diagnosis and typing of the tumour.

What is the purpose of the latest advances in brain tumour surgery?

The latest improvements in brain tumour surgery are aimed at performing less invasive endoscopic surgeries and/or microsurgeries, and offer an increasingly personalised medicine. All the advances that we add to our arsenal are aimed at reducing the risk and improving the tolerance of surgery in our patients.

Dr. Joaquim Enseñat - Neurocirugía

“All the advances that we add to our arsenal are aimed at reducing the risk and improving the tolerance of surgery in our patients”

Dr. Joaquim Enseñat

State-of-the-art operating theatre: the latest and best technology in brain tumour surgery

At barnaclínic+, we have a state-of-the-art operating theatre, one of the most advanced in the world. Equipped with the best technology for neurosurgery, its technical resources are especially useful for brain tumour surgery, allowing greater precision with less patient impact.

Thanks to this technology we can offer the best results in brain tumour surgery:

· Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance: This device allows us to perform magnetic resonances during surgery. In this way, it can be checked whether a complete resection of the brain tumour has been performed or if any complication has occurred.

· Neuronavigation systems: Neuronavigators offer an extremely precise location of the brain tumour, allowing us to define the shortest and safest way to reach the lesion inside the brain.

· Robotic display platform: This platform, added recently, allows, above all, a better quality of vision during surgeries. In addition, it offers the surgeon the possibility of performing robotic movements that allow better access to certain highly complex areas of the brain, improving the outcome of brain tumour surgery.

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· Fluorescence systems: Thanks to this contrast system, which consists of a fluorescent injectable substance, the brain tumour stands out under a special light, facilitating its complete resection.

Latest advances, not only in technology: Molecular typing of the brain tumour

One of the latest and most important advances we have at barnaclínic+ neurosurgery for the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours is molecular typing. The molecular typing of these tumours allows, after surgery of the brain tumour, to perform a specific treatment for this type of lesion, either with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, improving the patient’s survival.



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