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29 March, 2016

Digital Second Opinion for Autoimmune Diseases, now at bmo+

Barnaclínic+ medical opinion (bmo+).  The new service of Second medical opinions online on Autoimmune Diseases is now available.  Dr. Ricard Cervera, Head of the Autoimmune Disease Service at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and specialist at barnaclínic+, offers medical advice on the Platform for a second opinions online at Barnaclínic+ 

With the desire to transmit the knowledge of its renowned professionals, through the accessible, agile, and secure environment, the Hospital Clinic and Barnaclínic+ developed the platform bmo+ a few months ago.

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Since a few days ago, you can get a digital second opinion on Autoimmune Diseases from Dr. Ricard Cervera, a globally renowned expert. This is now possible from comfort of your own home at the click of a button.

ricard-cerveraRicard Cervera is the Head of the Autoimmune Diseases Service at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona,​​Head of the “Systemic Autoimmune Diseases” team at IDIBAPS and Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Barcelona.

In three simple steps (Registration, Payment and Receipt of the Report), which can be done in just three clicks, you will receive advice about your disease and will have the possibility of contacting the head of the Autoimmune Diseases at the Hospital Clinic and his team, a renowned group and pioneers in the research, diagnosis and treatment of these types of pathologies.

Visit Bmo+, our website for second opinions, and obtain the information you require and contact our professionals.  We would be delighted to analyse your case and offer you some advice.


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