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13 July, 2015

bmo+, online second medical opinion: agile, safe and with prestigious specialists

There are many patients who, when their disease diagnosis and a proposal for treatment by the specialist are confirmed, want a second medical opinion. The objective: this second valuation may offer some more information about their state and confirm or provide alternatives to the treatment.
Based on this reality, barnaclínic+  and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona have developed barnaclínic + medical opinion (bmo +), a digital platform providing a second medical opinion, which intends to transmit the knowledge of their internationally recognised professionals to those who need it, through this accessible, agile, and safe environment.

New technology at the patient’s service

In the last few years the specialists at barnaclínic + and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona have noticed that patient consultation through web pages or blogs have increased significantly. There are many people who see the Internet as a safe and intimate way of talking about their medical problems or those of relatives and friends.

And for that reason, thinking about all of them, they have devised bmo+ which will bring them a second medical opinion  for those who seek it in the shortest possible time, with the utmost confidentiality, without having to leave home and always through a method which, as in the case of a digital one, is comfortable for them.

The patient must simply attach all the medical documentation they have about their illness and send it through the website. This procedure is quick, easy and, above all, safe, since the interested person connects through a login and password. Once the patient receives their second opinion medical report they can be assured that all information provided will become part of their medical history and is kept in compliance with the Data Protection Law (LOPD 15/ 1999).

Diagnosis reference

Thanks to this initiative, all those patients who do not find solutions to their illness will have almost immediate access to medical advice from prestigious national and international specialists who will help to confirm the diagnoses and treatment.

It will be these specialists who analyse case by case until they find some enlightening conclusions about each disease. barnaclínic+ medical opinion already offers advice on maternal-fetal medicine, in several languages and for patients, families and medical centres alike. Aware of the doubts that arise for mothers during pregnancy and what they need at this stage is to obtain a reliable medical evaluation, the maternal-fetal medicine  is the first specialty that bmo+ has launched, a service that will progressively expand into  new specialties.

barnaclínic+ medical opinion is, therefore, an innovative tool which at the same time provides an answer to many patients’ concerns. Bmo+ offers them a quick and confidential second medical opinion to those who need it and it is backed by renowned professionals.

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