Frequently asked questions

If I already know that I have a heart disease, its it worth me having a sports assessment?

Yes. In this case, it is especially important and necessary to have an assessment. According to the underlying heart disease that you have, our team may give you personalized advice on the risks and benefits of practising sport.

Are children also at risk for sudden death?

Yes. Sudden death can be due to acquired diseases but it is also sometimes due to birth defects or congenital diseases so early diagnosis may prevent a fatal outcome.

And if the physicians find something, what will happen?

If an abnormality is detected during the cardiology assessment, the Barnaclínic Sports Cardiology Unit team will suggest therapeutic options to treat it and will assign you a Cardiology specialist to monitor your situation.

When should I have a cardiological review?

Whenever you are about to start a sports program. It is recommended that you have an annual review if you continue with the activity.