Frequently asked questions

Will the appliances hurt when fitted?

It takes about 2 weeks to get used to the appliances.

  • Your teeth will be sore for the first 3 days when eating, especially the most crowded ones.
  • You may get sores on the inside of your cheek but after a few days, your cheeks will harden and get used to the appliances.
  • Most appliances do not interfere with speech, except for lingual braces which may affect speech for a few days.

Will I be able to live a normal life?

Yes, except in certain aspects, such as:

  • Eating: do not eat hard foods (nougat, corn, meat on the bone) or gum.
  • Brushing your teeth: you should spend longer than usual brushing your teeth (2 minutes/3 times a day) and use interdental brushes and fluoride mouthwashes.

Do the results last?

After treatment, you should use a retainer, which can be:

  • Fixed: lingual archwires, especially in adults.


  • Removable: Hawley or Essix