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13 September, 2018

Robot-assisted vasovasostomy, a good option if you wish to have children in a natural way after your vasectomy

Vasovasostomía robótica vasectomía

Currently, up to 6% of patients who have had a vasectomy ask for a reversal, as they wish to have more children. This procedure is called vasovasostomy or epididymovasostomy, depending on the segment used. This procedure consists of identifying the previously cut vas deferens and rejoining them by means of highly complex surgical techniques, which normally require the use of microscopes and microsurgery.

Up to 6% of patients who have had a vasectomy ask for a reversal”

Dr. Juan Manuel Corral


Unfortunately, the majority of urologists do not perform vasovasostomy since it requires training and experience in microsurgery. With the emergence of microsurgery, of robot-assisted surgical techniques, and in the hands of a trained urologist, vasovasostomies can be performed safely and effectively.


In addition to the classical prognostic success factors in sperm retrieval after a vasectomy reversal, such as the time from the prior vasectomy or the age of the woman, the use of robots allows greater precision in joining the previously cut vas deferens, since the diameter thereof is approximately 0.5 mm.

“The use of robots allows greater precision in joining the vas deferens”

Dra. Mireia Musquera

Furthermore, the use of robots provides the surgeon with 3-D vision, comparable to the optical microscope habitually used, with the advantages of no camera movement, and unparalleled precision in suturing, which can be performed accurately in each vas deferens.

“The robot provides the surgeon with a 3-D view, with no camera movement and excellent accuracy for sutures”

Dra. Mireia Musquera

In short, with a relatively brief period of training for the surgeon, not only are the results obtained with robot-assisted vasectomy comparable to those obtained with classical microsurgery techniques, they are effectively superior.

“The results obtained with computer-assisted vasectomy are even better than classical microsurgery techniques”

Dr. Juan Manuel Corral

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