Blog sobre diagnóstico y tratamiento del CÁNCER

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Blog sobre diagnóstico y tratamiento del CÁNCER

  1. 8 November, 2021

    An early diagnosis of colorectal cancer improves prognosis

    Colorectal cancer has a high impact in western countries. In Spain it’s the most frequent tumour among men and women, above lung cancer and breast cancer. Every year in our country more than 40,000 cases are diagnosed and the tendency is going up, in large part due to the influence of risk factors as the population gets older. But age isn’t the only factor that is related to the appearance of this tumour. Other aspects have an influence such as diet, lifestyle and family history. As with other types of cancer, an early diagnosis ends up being fundamental in its treatment. Different studies have shown that the earlier the diagnosis, the better the prognosis and if it’s carried out in the first stages of the disease, recovery is more possible, improving the patients’ results.


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