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Blog de Cardiología y Cirugía Vascular

  1. 11 October, 2022

    Valvular diseases and arrhythmias, how to diagnose and treat them

    The heart is a fundamental organ for our life. He is responsible for pumping the blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to all corners of our bodies. Therefore, its correct operation is vital. Some symptoms such as fatigue or an uneven pulse can warn us that there is a problem with this organ. Thanks to modern diagnostic imaging techniques, it is now possible to confirm these suspicions or reveal problems that may be present, such as valve disease or arrhythmia, quickly and easily.

    “There are different imaging techniques that allow us to see the anatomy of the heart and, above all, cardiac function because they allow us to see its normal movement,” explains Dr Marta Sitges, director of the Cardiovascular Institute of the Barcelona Clínic and cardiologist at barnaclinic+.

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