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  1. 19 May, 2021

    Gabriel Robles’ story: An internal defibrillator to prevent sudden death

    An obstruction in the main artery of the heart of Mr. Gabriel Robles Flores caused him a ventricular dysfunction that had the risk of ending up generating malignant arrhythmias and causing him a sudden death. A fatal outcome that could be avoided with a defibrillator. The problem was that, in their hospital in Puebla (Mexico), they did not have the appropriate technology to be able to perform this intervention in a minimally invasive way. With this type of approach, the benefits obtained by the operation are maximized, while a faster complete recovery of the patient is achieved.

    For this reason, Dr. Omar Gómez Monterrosas, his interventional cardiologist, advised him that the intervention would be carried out at the Grupo Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, where he himself had trained between 2013 and 2015 through a fellowship, a period of training for physicians who have already completed an internship or residency to specialize within medicine.

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