Over recent years, we have witnessed a new focus on surgical patient care. Technological advances in the field of surgery and anesthesiology, and the search for greater comfort and well-being for the patient, have allowed us to gradually modify the need for hospitalization after certain surgical procedures.

Our facilities, protocols and technological advances offer patients the maximum level of quality, safety and comfort with a minimum hospital stay and the same level of care and attention as a hospitalized patient.


We can define 'Major Outpatient Surgery' (MOS) as the branch of surgery dealing with surgical procedures of medium complexity for which the patient is admitted to the hospital on the day of the operation and is allowed to return home the same day.

Major Outpatient Surgery (MOS) is an optimal organizational model for multi-disciplinary surgical care that allows patients to be treated effectively, safely and efficiently with an admission time of less than 24 hours.


Surgery as part of an MOS program is based on the patient following a well-established and protocolized circuit during the entire peri-operative care process.

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