The Rheumatology Department of Hospital Clínic is part of the Instituto de Especialidades Médico Quirúrgicas together with the Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Department and the Rehabilitation Department. This allows us to treat patients with musculoskeletal disorders from medical, surgical and physiotherapy points of view.

The Rheumatology Department of Hospital Clínic provides a high level of medical care for inflammatory (arthritis) and degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis), diffuse (fibromyalgia) and localized soft tissue pain (cervicalgia, lumbalgo, tendinitis, etc.) and metabolic bone diseases such as osteoporosis and Paget's disease of bone.

It is a point of referral for the clinical evaluation and application of both laboratory (antibodies, bone markers) and imaging diagnostic techniques, having developed pioneering techniques such as rheumatological arthroscopy (fine-needle).


Its structure which is divided into units dedicated to specific diseases makes it easier to meet quality standards:

  • The Arthritis Unit looks after patients with recent-onset arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathy, or other inflammatory joint diseases.
  • The Metabolic Bone Disease Unit looks after patients with osteoporosis, Paget's disease of bone or other bone diseases.
  • The Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Unit has a multi-disciplinary program to evaluate and treat fibromyalgia.

Rheumatology Department Techniques

Diagnostic techniques:

  • Arthrocentesis (joint fluid aspiration)
  • Synovial fluid analysis
  • Rheumatological arthroscopy
  • Subcutaneous fat biopsy

Therapeutic techniques:

  • Intra-articular injection
  • Soft tissue injection