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barnaclínic+ launches its Dermatological Diagnosis Unit

-   Skin cancer is the most frequent tumour and it is estimated that 20% of people will develop it throughout their lives. In Spain alone, this disease affects 300 people out of 100.000 each year. Malignant melanoma, on the other hand, is a tumour that is caused by an abnormal growth of […]  

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Visiõnclínic+ is born in order to offer excellent personalised ophthalmological care

-   Visual health is the key to people's quality of life. In order to detect possible visual problems in the earliest stages and find the most appropriate treatment for each person, it's vital to offer the most personalised care possible. Precisely, to focus on the patients, the team of world-renowned ophthalmological professionals at Hospital Clínic […]  

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A pioneering surgical technique in Europe allows reversing male infertility

-     Male infertility can be caused by multiple causes, among which there may be physical problems. In some cases, it is possible to solve these problems through surgery. The Urology Department of the Hospital Clínic Group, directed by Dr Antonio Alcaraz, is now a pioneer in Europe in carrying out a new surgical technique that allows […]    

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Pioneers in Spain in the extraction of tumours from the base of the skull through the eye

-   In recent years, surgery has developed enormously to achieve increasingly less invasive interventions. Achieving the same results as traditional open surgeries, these new approaches achieve a faster recovery for patients and minimize the risks of operations, which is why their use is becoming more and more widespread. Now, the Hospital Clínic Group has begun […]  

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Susana Puig Sardá

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Skin cancer Dermatology Melanoma

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Minimally invasive surgery for foot and ankle injuries

-   Foot and ankle injuries are very common. Among athletes they occur regularly, but this type of injury can also be caused in daily life. In many cases, conservative treatment is enough to recover these injuries, but in a small percentage of cases this is not the case. The pain may persist and even the functionality […]  

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Osteochondral graft or transplant, a substitute technique for cartilage injuries

-   Articular cartilage is a unique tissue. Its matrix allows movement between the joint surfaces with the least possible friction and supports countless cycles throughout the person's life. An injury to this structure, which does not affect the integrity of the subchondral bone, will not repair itself spontaneously and, as it is asymptomatic […]  

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