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barnaclínic+ finances new robotic visualisation platform for neurosurgery at Hospital Clínic

-   Thanks to a donation from barnaclínic+, the Hospital Clínic Group has become the first centre in Catalonia and one of the first in Spain to benefit from a new state-of-the-art robotic visualisation platform. This new surgical microscope incorporates a range of functionalities that facilitate intelligent positioning by the surgeon, reduce manual movements […]  

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barnaclínic+ enhances the training of the Clínic’s nursing professionals with the Sabàtics scholarships

-   A few weeks ago, at the commemorative event marking International Nurses' Day, the Sabàtics scholarships for training abroad for Hospital Clínic de Barcelona nursing professionals were handed out. Once again this year, the Hospital Clínic Group has offered its nursing professionals the possibility to train all over the world and/or to delve further into their research activity, thanks to these scholarships funded by barnaclínic+. […]  

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Peritoneal carcinomatosis: What is it and what is its treatment?

-   he term Peritoneal carcinomatosis or Peritoneal carcinosis (PC) is given to every local or massive tumor dissemination affecting the peritoneal serosa and neighboring organs. It usually has two origins: the peritoneum itself (Pseudomyxoma, Mesothelioma) and digestive tract or gynecological tumors. [...]

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Umbilical hernia: causes, symptoms, complications and treatment

-     Umbilical hernia is the most common abdominal wall hernia. Like all hernias, it consists of intra-abdominal content, covered by the peritoneal membrane, extruding from an orifice in the abdominal wall. In this case, as the name indicates, it extrudes through the umbilicus. [...]    

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Postoperative hypothyroidism: Symptoms, causes and what to do

-   As we have mentioned previously, levels of thyroid hormone/levothyroxine need to be adequate after thyroid surgery. In spite of physicians seeing patients periodically for follow-up of symptoms and testing, primarily with thyrotropin (TSH), in some patients, TSH levels will remain slightly elevated on apparently correct doses of thyroid hormone. These patients, with low levothyroxine or high TSH levels […]  

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Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): I look old or tired. What can I do?

-   Redundant skin on the eyelids or dermatochalasis is very common and affects almost everyone from a certain age. This excess of skin in the upper eyelids makes the person look tired and appear older. This should be assessed by a specialist in oculoplastic surgery to rule out other associated conditions that, if not treated at the same time […]  

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Choice of treatment for rotator cuff injury

-   We have talked several times before about rotator cuff injury. We have explained its characteristics and treatment, the injury stages, symptoms, causes and risk factors. In today's post we will explain the factors that influence treatment choice. Without treatment, rotator cuff injury can lead to permanent stiffness […]  

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barnaclínic+ in the Social Media

"Ben fet @barnaclinic heu fet una donació molt útil al servei dels pacients @hospitalclinic..." - Twitter @EcoEmocional


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We are in the Dominican Republic, working on the barnaclínic+ internationalization project... - Facebook


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