Dra. Mar Carreño Martínez

  • Epilepsia
  • Neurología

اختر الخدمة:


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad de Navarra.
  • Doctor of Medicine from the Universidad de Navarra.
  • Clinical EEG and epilepsy fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland-Ohio (USA).
  • Neurology specialist.

Áreas de interés

  • Epilepsy in adults and children.
  • Medical treatment and pre-surgical evaluation of refractory epilepsy.
  • Treatment of epilepsy in women.
  • Electroencephalography.
  • Video EEG monitoring with surface electrodes and invasive electrodes.


  • Functional neuroimaging tests (ictal SPECT, SISCOM and interictal and ictal EEG-fMRI) used to localize the epileptogenic region before epilepsy surgery.
  • Minimization of adverse effects and quality of life in epileptic patients.
  • Status epilepticus: radiological treatments and clinical features.